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Opening to the Possibilities

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Trust!  What a powerful vibration to move into…

In that moment when we are quiet and connected to our Source, to God – it’s so easy to KNOW that we are provided for, that we are unconditionally loved, that we are part of something so magnificent and so grand that it defies words.  The trick lies in remembering to connect, in carrying that connection throughout the day.

When we TRUST, we begin to see daily occurrences with new eyes.  We see the synchronicities that unfold, the coincidences that can be none other than loving Divine Intervention on our behalf.  We begin to see the power of our creative forces.  WE are creators of our circumstances – and in the wonder of that lies the power of possibilities.

Trust also brings with it the knowing that we are only responsible for the desire, for casting our intention to the Universe, to praying to God.  The granting of that prayer, the manifesting of that intention are up to God and the Universe.  The outcome is NOT our responsibility.

When we remember that, when we open our eyes, knowing that the Universe will lovingly support us – we find that God provides us with opportunities that we could barely begin to imagine.  In this lies the magic of life, the wonder of the Universe.

Today I challenge you to see before you the vast array of possibilities.  Open yourself to accept that the Universe can bring to you the object of your desire in unimaginably beautiful ways.  Today, ask God to surprise you.

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