Crystal Clarity

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Occasionally, during the long winter months in Minnesota, atmospheric conditions converge to create the spectacular ice frost known as “hoar-frost.”  When fog settles over the countryside and the temperature is just right, the water vapor begins to freeze to everything it touches.  The ice crystals grow and grow until they resemble an icy lace, coating the edges of trees, bushes, plants and fences.  The results are spectacular!

Usually by mid-day, the fog lifts to be replaced by a brilliant blue sky.  The contrast of these large crystals against the winter blue sky is nothing short of breathtaking.

Just the day before this magical winter display, I experienced a personal moment of crystal clarity.  It was one of those “AHA” moments of such magnitude that it stayed with me throughout the next day.

Lately, I’ve wrestled with a relationship that has left me feeling used and taken advantage of.  I’ve struggled with feelings of hurt, resentment and abandonment.  And my feelings were complicated by the fact that my friend had unknowingly created this situation whirling around and around in my head.  I knew she had not intentionally hurt me, but knowing this didn’t make me feel any less wounded.

After finally writing pages and pages in my journal to validate and release my pain, I was blessed with a knowing deep within the core of my being.  I KNEW I was loved, whole and complete.  But this was so much more powerful than simply knowing this in my head.  I experienced this knowing in every cell of my body, in every dimension of my being.  In that moment I felt God – and it was utterly amazing, breathtaking, and astounding.  I’ve never felt such deep peace and love and contentment.

I realized that everything that I’d been seeking from my friend was already there inside me.  I did not need anything from anyone because I was complete, whole.  It occurred to me that my relationships are not to give me something but to show me what I already have through my connection to God, to Source.

This feeling of complete-ness stayed with me into the next day.  I saw the world through eyes of love and non-judgment.  People shined with joy, the world shimmered with love (and a beautiful display of hoar-frost).

I feel blessed to have been granted a taste of seeing life from this heart-centered place.  By being connected to this Source of Love, I felt above, unaffected by, the dramas of daily life.  What an amazing experience!

The most astounding part of this experience for me was seeing that the words we study create an intellectual experience of love, acceptance, One-ness.  What I felt was not a thought but an immersion in the concept – every cell of my body knew and resonated this love.

People I met that next day, friends I haven’t seen in years, commented that I looked fabulous.  I know, however, that they weren’t seeing me.  They saw my Spirit basking in the new-found place of love.

What a holy moment – this moment of crystal clarity, this understanding of the Love which we are.  I am ever so grateful for this experience of being love.  I now believe that this is the state in which we strive to walk every day.  From this place of love, truly all things are possible.

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5 Responses to “Crystal Clarity”

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ahhh Sue…..that is beautifully said…thank you for your words!! i’m going to hold them close…

Beautiful post. I suspect what your friends saw was all of you! Inside-out, outside-in.

Thank you Ladies for your kind words. I’m afraid that I didn’t do the experience justice. It was amazingly magical! And yet “ordinary” too. Maybe not ordinary, but familiar. Certainly this state of love is natural to our souls.

Thanks for the beautiful post. The saying goes, when the student is ready, the teacher appears. I read your post and thought of the place I am with my sister. I was deeply hurt by her at Christmas. I know in my heart she did not mean to hurt me and most likely does not understand how hurt I am (we haven’t talked). I can so relate to what you said. I know everything I need is within me. I know that I am hurt because she touch something within me that I have not resolved. Your words have given me strength to push through, resolve my inner most issues and reconcile with my sister. Thank you. May the LIGHT and LOVE of GOD and the Universe surround you.

Kathryn, thank you for the blessing of your comment. I’m honored that my words helped heal your hurt. It helps me to remember that the ego separates us, but love embraces all. Love connects and expands us. And it IS worth the struggle to re-member this!

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