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Divine Timing

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I’m doing all of the things that self-help gurus suggest – I’m maintaining a positive outlook (most of the time).  Every day I’m doing something for my soul’s growth.  I’m facing my fears and wading through the muck that dredges up.  I’m using the Law of Attraction – and seeing small successes.  I’m meditating and tuning in to my guides and angels for guidance.  So why then isn’t my financial abundance, psychic sight (you fill in the blank) happening yet?!

This interesting, but subtle, question has been niggling my brain.  How do I tell the difference between needing to be or do something to attract my desires and needing to allow things to come to me in Divine Timing?

It feels like I’ve been banging my head on this one for a while.  In an attempt to end the futility of continued head-banging, I’m committing this place, this experience to words and paper.  Perhaps then I’ll find my peace about it.

It seems to me that at times we can “do” or “be” everything absolutely perfectly, and still our desire eludes us.  So is it that we’re doing something “wrong”?

Basically, I decided that “No, we’re not doing something wrong.”  All of the pieces simply aren’t in place yet.  And sometimes, they’re not even our pieces to do anything with.

Sometimes we’re in the midst of a learning curve or perhaps our physical bodies are undergoing changes in order to ready us for receiving our desire.  Sometimes we simply have to wait, trusting God and the Universe to orchestrate everything perfectly.  Haven’t we already seen how perfectly God handles things?  Completion of this great desire is no different.

It will come in God’s time.  Diving Timing.

While it’s frustrating to not have what we want RIGHT now, we have to acknowledge that it’s a matter of perspective.  Perhaps there’s a cost we can’t see from where we’re standing.  Perhaps other undesirable things would happen if we were to receive our desire right now.

For me, it’s been boiled back down to TRUST.  I must trust the Universe to grant my desire in the best possible way.  I must trust my guidance to focus on my path even it it’s not bringing me what I think I want above everything else.

It will come.  I know this.  In Divine Timing.

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The Art of Allowing

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In this pursuit of spiritual awakening, we strive to attain what we desire.  We seek to move forward.  And somehow yet again, we slip back into the ego’s attempt to control the method of attaining.  How do we slip so smoothly and unknowingly back into the methods of the mind?

Surely, part of our process is to remain mindful of our thoughts and actions.  Our emotions, too, give clues as to whether we’re still heart-centered or if we’ve slipped unconsciously back to an ego-centered place.  The clues are there – the key is to keep reading them, paying attention to how we feel and gauging whether this is who we Truly Are.  When the emotions hurt, chances are pretty good that we’re operating from the ego – and it’s not getting what it wants.

Why then is it so hard to let go of the hurt feelings to move from the ego to the heart?  Simply put, it is survival.  Humanity has spent hundreds if not thousands of years controlling and manipulating its environment for the purpose of survival.  Certainly it is no small feat to ask the mind to forego its perceived control of this experience.  Even with evidence that we are guided and supported by unseen forces, the mind is no more willing to give up control.

So – back to those desires, pursuing what we want.  How do we convince the ego to relinquish its grip of control?  Baby steps.  Only by taking small steps, one at a time, can we reassure our egos that All Is Well even if the ego isn’t micromanaging our steps.

Each day we must practice the Art of Allowing life to unfold in front of us rather than trying to force our path to follow the direction our mind sees.  Of course, we always have the option of giving control back to our ego, our mind, but that path is often fraught with resistance and difficulty.

Instead, I encourage you to stop and breathe.  Breathe your Spirit back into your body.  Breathe in the life, joy and bliss of being in tune with all of creation.  Then ask, “What path shall I follow today?”  Listen with your heart.

Until this becomes a natural process, it does feel awkward and even a bit scary.  When our mind cannot know the details, it fears danger – and insists that we stop.  The art of allowing life to unfold is about trusting life, God, the Universe to provide for us, to know that we will be guided and protected.

Little by little, day by day, it gets easier to allow life to happen.  And with it comes unimaginable joy.  By choosing to let go of the ego’s control of our life, we are choosing to live from the Spirit – and Spirit is from whence all blessings flow.

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