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Standing in My Own Way – but a little bit less every day

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I love when Spirit puts messages in my path.  Well, actually, since Spirit is doing that all of the time, I love when I’m aware enough to notice the messages!

I’ve been on a quest for the past 9 months to grow spiritually and to develop my intuitive gifts.  Actually, my spiritual quest has been going on a lot longer than that.  I guess I started about 9 months ago to develop psychically.  Wasn’t I surprised to realize that psychic communication and spiritual communication are in fact one in the same?  What an “Aha Moment” when these two pursuits melded into one!

So my greatest desire lately has been to see and hear psychically.  You know – see pictures and images sent as messages from Spirit to me and to others, to see my guides and angels, to hear the voices of my guides and angels, and even to hear others’ guides and angels so that I can help others on their own spiritual quests.

To write that desire down, I realize how “out there” it sounds.  Do I seriously want to hear voices and see things?  Don’t people think I’m weird enough without being accused of being crazy too?  It’s probably one of those “be careful what you wish for” situations.

However, as I continue along my journey, striving to strengthen and increase my communication with the spirit world, I’ve come to realize a few important things.

First of all, I’m already communicating with Spirit – or rather, Spirit is already communicating with me.  It always has been.  It’s never been a matter of my “becoming psychic” – I’ve always had that ability (as you have too).  It’s more a matter of conscious awareness – isn’t that the case with most things spiritual?  Degrees of awareness.

So my ability to see and hear comes down to an ability to discern and listen.  Spirit is subtle.  That’s one of the biggest “Aha’s” I’ve had.  Spirit is quiet, and the messages come quickly – gone in an instant.  So if  you’re not watching carefully, you’re not sure the message was even there.  It’s easy to chalk it up to imagination.

But, it’s important that Spirit be subtle and quiet for a couple of reasons.  First, Spirit always respects our Free Will.  It will never force us to take one path versus another.  Spirit merely guides us, offering suggestions.  It is always our choice whether to follow that guidance or not.  The second reason that Spirit comes to us quietly is so that it can simply be another layer of our existence, another dimension coexisting with our physical reality.  Spirit needs not overpower our lives, but it is always available to us should we choose to open ourselves to it.

The other big realization I’ve had regarding my communicating with Spirit is that it’s not as much an act of “doing” something as it is the state of “being” something.  Being psychic, which simply means actively tapping into the energy all around us, is not something we do but something we are.  It’s a lifestyle.

Someone recently told me that my interest in the paranormal is merely a phase that I’m going through, something I’ll eventually outgrow.  Perhaps.   I don’t think so though.  My interest in developing my psychic gifts and growing spiritually is entwined in the very fabric of my life.  Once we know something, we can’t “un-know” it.  I now see how powerful I become when I embrace my spiritual self, the part of me that connects me to every other living thing and to Divine Source, to God.  I don’t ever want to let that knowing go!

It still amazes me that what I thought began as an intellectual exercise to “learn how to be psychic” has really become a lifestyle of living from Spirit.  And the only thing standing between me and the attainment of my desire is me.

Each day as I grow in awareness and trust, I move closer and closer to my goal.  As I accept and embrace my spiritual nature, I become more of the spiritual being I desire.  I become more of All That I Am and All That Is.  What could be a more meaningful pursuit in life?

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Moving On

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Relationships serve many purposes in our lives.  Some people come into our lives for a particular purpose, and when that purpose is fulfilled, the relationship ends.  Personally, I’ve experienced this twice in the past few years in relation to my business.  Even though I can truly see and understand that these relationships filled a specific need in my life, answered a specific prayer, I still struggled to release them when their purpose had obviously been served.

Through time, I slowly moved on, finding new experiences and new people to fill my life.  With the perspective that hind-sight affords, I see just how perfectly these relationships answered my prayers at those times and when my needs or direction changed, the relationships dissolved.

Letting them go is still hard for me.  And it’s harder still when I’m still engaged in the relationship to determine whether it’s truly time to let it go and move on.

I’m in the middle of another of those “Moving On” situations.  This relationship is personal, not business related, and that makes the waters muddier for me.  The clear distinction of having fulfilled its purpose is not there – at least it’s not clear to me.

This relationship has provided lessons for me about my soul’s purpose, growth, and boundaries.  While it has helped me to clarify what I’m about and the gifts and talents I have to offer others, it has also shown me where I still have to grow in loving and accepting myself.  Now I’ve come to a place where the relationship creates a feeling of resentment, misunderstanding and being taken advantage of.  Knowing that life is but a reflection of what I’m putting out there, I see that I am the one overlooking my needs.  I am the one who is giving to the point of being resentful and feeling taken advantage of.  I am the one responsible for ignoring my personal boundaries and neglecting my needs.  I am the one who has chosen to remain silent and not voice my feelings and needs.

I accept fully my responsibility in creating this situation which now gives me the opportunity to take care of myself.  It has become clear that I cannot continue to participate in this relationship without feeling my resentment.  It’s time for me to walk away.

Why does that feel like a failure at some level?  I hear messages like, “If you were the better person, you wouldn’t let the relationship get under your skin.  You’d just take it for what it is.”  That may be true – for some goal to work towards, for some more forgiving and understanding place to live from.  But to “should” myself for where I am right now and how I feel right now also feels like a disservice.

The best I can do it to authentically express and live from where I am right now.  So for today, I resolve to forgive myself for not being more accepting.  I forgive the other participant in this relationship for the hurt I’ve felt.  Actually, I feel grateful to this person for teaching me more about who I am.

Perhaps that was the whole point from the beginning.

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The Facets of Multi-dimensional Living

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Take a raw, uncut diamond rock from the ground and what have you got?  Potential.  You hold within your hands the potential of a million possibilities.

Like the diamond in the rough, our Soul enters this Earth as a chance to be cut, polished and refined into a gem of immeasurable beauty, depth and grace.  So too our Souls undertake the laborious, and at times painful, process of having additional facets added to our multi-dimensional selves.

As each facet adds another surface to reflect off of, bringing greater beauty to the eyes of the beholder.  So too these additional dimensions that are being added to our Souls will reflect back an even greater glory of our God, our Source of All That Is.

In the end, after all of the cutting, polishing, and grinding, our Soul has not been changed into something else.  A diamond is still a diamond, after all.  But each new dimension will bring added sparkle and value to our lives.

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