Releasing the Fear

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I woke this morning with a heavy sense of dread.  Fear.  I could feel its uncomfortable weight pinning me down.  What was it, and where had it come from?

As I lay there in bed, trying to determine where this fear had come from, my thoughts flew to the large debt that my business owes the bank.  How was I going to make the payments?  What could I do to bring in cash?  Would I be able to bring in enough money to cover the payments?  What if I couldn’t?  You get the idea – the questions flew at me faster and faster, and my fear grew!

Eventually, I crawled out of bed, grabbed a couple of my favorite crystals, and sat down to meditate – hoping to let go of this fear.  Focusing on my breathing brought some relief, but my stomach was still knotted and my mind still raced with unanswerable questions.  I still hadn’t let go of this unwanted fear.

In my office, I picked up a new deck of Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.  I prayed to find some relief from this fear.  How could I release this financial panic that had me in its clutches this morning?

While playing with the cards, twice I pulled the “Vacuum Away Fear” card.  I KNOW that was no coincidence.  My angels were still with me, showing me in a very practical way how to release my fears.

The oracle cards guidebook explained a process whereby you ask Archangels Michael and Raphael to use a spiritual vacuum hose inserted into your crown chakra to suck out all toxic, fear-based or entity energy.  You allow this to continue until the body feels clear and calm.  You then ask the archangels to fill your body with their diamond-bright white light to heal and protect, and finally thank them for this healing.


The weight is gone.  Those fear-based thoughts are no longer racing through my mind.  Thank you, Universe, for showing me how to let them go!

Are they gone forever?  Probably not.  But the important lesson for me is to remember that fear is NOT my natural state.  I CAN release fear to once again reach a place of calmness.  My financial obligations are still there, but now I am open to receiving guidance about how to achieve my goals.  My fears cut me off from that.

Once again, I’m back on course, curious to see what else the day will bring.

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2 Responses to “Releasing the Fear”

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you do such a wonderful job of putting your thoughts down into words! again…i’m grateful for the connection we have made…i’m sure it was not an accident…you ROCK!

I immediately read your posts because I look forward to reading your journey. This time I was heading out of town so I let your words resonate and have been thinking about them ever since.

I, and perhaps most Americans, can relate to your fears. We have so much riding on potential and with little guarantee that our day-to-day dedication will offer sustenance, let alone financial bounty.

Releasing fear and completing the next step…excuse me but hello, “goddess at work!”

Keep going Sue! As you continue to listen to guidance, they will lead you to the next right step.

High heels, gladiator sandals, tennis shoes, flip flops – Let spirit know your preference and speed. They’ll adjust the tempo and the flow.


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