Your Divine Right

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As a spiritual being, as a reflection of our Divine Source, God, the Universe (use whichever term feels right for you), it is our divine right to create the life of our choosing.

Immediately, I can feel the resistance people are going to have to my statement.

“Do you mean to say that I’ve created my job loss, this economic recession, illness, tragedy and death (fill in the blank with your biggest complaint)?”

Ultimately, YES, you’ve created this life that you’re living.  Have you done so consciously?  Maybe, maybe not.  More than likely, you’re living this life by default, following the path someone else said you should take, following the rules established by someone else, obliging some unknown “they” by becoming what “they” said you should become.  Giving away your power of creation does not make you less responsible for the choices in your life.

At this point in our human history, we’re at an unprecedented precipice.  The masses are opening their eyes to the power we each hold in our souls – the power of God to create, heal and love unconditionally.  We are each on the brink of recognizing and acknowledging the direct connection our soul has to God, to each other, to all in the Universe.  Are you willing to open your eyes to fully claim your divinity?

As humans, we each carry the record and memory of our human existence.  Our soul knows the trials and tribulations we’ve journeyed through on this road to accepting and embracing our divine nature.  We are now able to allow these difficulties to rise to the surface, to acknowledge them, and release them once and for all.  Each time we do this, our vibration becomes higher and our inner light shines brighter.

I’m so excited to be waking up at this time in mankind’s ascension process.  I would be honored to help you uncover those thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that are holding you back from fully experiencing the life you desire.  Together we can examine the emotional blockages that keep you feeling stuck and out of control.  Isn’t it about time you start loving the life you’re living?

If you are interested in finding out how an Akashic Record Reading with me, Sue Krebs, can help provide the clarity, insight and guidance to create from a place of love rather than fear, please contact me at  Readings are available by phone or Skype, cost $150 for 60 – 90 minutes, and are recorded for your convenience.

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Isn’t it fabulous how spirit moves one to be of service? Thank you for saying “Yes” and sharing your talent with the greater community.

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