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Gaining Gratitude

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The notion of gratitude being an elevated vibrational state is not new to me.  Much information has been devoted to the benefits of cultivating an attitude of gratitude.  While I certainly do not claim to be a master at maintaining this attitude, I am familiar enough with the concept, and even the practice of it.  Still, when given the opportunity to participate in a gratitude workshop while I was in the Chicago area a few months back, I seized the opportunity!

The topic of gratitude interested me, but I was just as interested to visit the Dynamic Ease Wellness Center and the owner, Kerry Sammon, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at another spiritual training event the previous year.  I wanted to see what Kerry had created, where she worked, and what she was doing.  I was more than surprised by the experience that unfolded.

The class consisted of a small number of students, but that only added to the intimacy.  We were led by Kerry through several different meditations during the course of the evening.  While I’ve forgotten the exact words, a few things still stand out vividly in my memory.  One was that we were to imagine a grounding cord extending from us down through the ground to the center of the earth.  We were free to visualize this cord in any form or color that seemed fitting to us.  Mine was a hot pink corrugated hose – of all things!  The image of that just tickled me – I’m not typically a hot pink kind of girl.  (And still, months later, whenever I imagine my grounding cord, it’s still this hot pink hose.)  The other image that remains etched in my memory is one of a golden light showering down over us as we meditated, filling us with a sparkling, glittering light.  I felt infused with love.  Had I not been so securely tethered by my hot pink grounding cord, I just might have happily floated off into the ethers.

All of this imagery and emotional well-being was created by Kerry’s skilled guided meditation focusing on a sense of gratitude.  But that’s not all we did during this enjoyable workshop.  We played several games where we would toss a ball around the group, stating things that we were grateful for every time we caught the ball.  Funny how hard it became to quickly name things when the ball repeatedly came our way.

The evening passed too quickly, but I carried away with me this elevated sense of well-being.  In fact, I stayed in this higher vibration of gratitude and love all through the rest of my weekend in Chicago.

From the vantage point of vibrating in love, I observed a colleague’s pettiness and self-centeredness with detachment, even amusement.  I was able to observe these interactions without absorbing any of their negativity.  I felt “above it” all as surely I was while I allowed myself to stay in this higher vibration of gratitude and love.

This experience solidified for me that there truly is power in the attitude of gratitude.  It both figuratively, and literally, raises us above the denser vibrations of fear, lack, competition and scarcity that we encounter all too often in our daily lives.

To experience this vibrational shift for yourself, there are a number of fun and easy activities you can start today.

1)   Start a gratitude journal.  Find yourself a notebook or journal and personalize or decorate the cover, if you choose.  Each night, write down 5 things about the day for which you are grateful.  Start each new day by reviewing previous lists to set a tone of gratitude for that day.

2)   Find a “gratitude buddy” to exchange daily emails with (contact Kerry at for help in setting this up).  Each day send your buddy an email detailing an object of your gratitude.

3)   Spend 5 minutes each day meditating (i.e. sitting quietly) on the idea of gratitude.  Allow the sparkling golden light to shower down upon you, filling every cell of your body with gratitude, love and light.

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude in your spiritual practice may require some disciplined practice until gratitude becomes a comfortable outlook on life.  However, the blessings that gratitude bestows significantly outweigh the effort required to enjoy them.  Have fun with this!  The results will probably surprise you too.

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Some days I walk with more confidence than others that I’m following my life’s purpose, that I’m guided and supported on this journey by both physical and non-physical friends.  I spend time each day getting quiet, allowing my inner guidance a chance to surface and direct me.  I seek ways to stay grounded and centered, and when I find things that work for me, I try to practice them often.

Even still, there are days when I don’t know what my next step needs to be, when I questions the path I’m on – especially when I run into obstacles and obstructions.  And lots of days, I wonder why things happen the way they do.  When I’m lucky, when time and hindsight serve me well, then sometimes I’m able to answer that plaguing question of “Why?!”

Just yesterday, I experienced something that threw a huge “Why?!” into my path – and today I think I’ve gained some understanding.  While out walking yesterday, doing an activity that keeps me grounded and centered, I unknowingly stepped onto a septic tank cover that collapsed beneath me.  I dropped straight down into the access pipe, grazing the length of my leg on the edge of the pipe.  I recall my arm pit hitting something (the ground), and in the next instant, I was getting up onto my knees, standing up gingerly on my now badly bruised leg, and hoping no one witnessed my embarrassing lapse of sure footing.

Isn’t it interesting that my immediate reaction was one of embarrassment?!  I’m still sorting that one out.  However, the lesson I’ve come away with from this significant misstep is that I AM supremely protected, guarded and guided.

Everything happened so quickly when I fell!  In one instant, I felt incredible pain as my leg scraped down the pipe and my arm hit something solid (at this point I was up to my arm pits into the hole).  The next instant I was getting onto my knees and gingerly standing up.  How could I have gotten out of the hole so quickly, while STILL holding my camera?  How did I get high enough to get onto my knees?  How come there were no injuries to my arm, shoulder, neck or back if my arms did, in fact, stop my fall?

I went back today to check out this hole that I’d inadvertently stepped into, to see if I could figure out how I got out of my predicament so quickly.  I’m left KNOWING that my angels walked with me yesterday, that they caught me as I fell and just as quickly lifted me back out.  I have no doubt of this because there is no “logical” explanation for how I got out of that hole.  My angels are with me, even when I walk unaware.

No one actually witnessed my misstep, but someone did comment on my prolonged absence, saying that “she probably fell into a hole.”  The remark was made flippantly, but wasn’t everyone surprised to find out that was exactly what had happened?

So, back to the big question of “Why?”  Why did I fall into the hole?  Why did I have to bruise my leg?  Why did I have this experience?  I’ve found several different answers – like most experiences, this one served a number of different purposes.

First off, the message to me is clearly that I AM supported, guided and protected every step of the way – even during my missteps.  Since it provided this “evidence” to my ever questioning mind, can it really be considered a “misstep”?  Or was it a calculated way to show evidence of my angelic helpers?

Second, being intent and committed to expressing my spiritual awakening honestly and authentically, I’ve been quick to attribute my rescue to my ever-present and vigilant angels.  I’ve told all of my friends that my angels pulled me from that hole since I couldn’t have managed such a feat – certainly not as quickly and effortlessly (and while still holding my camera).  So this misstep gives me another opportunity to demonstrate the spirit world’s immediate and practical involvement in our daily lives.

Lastly then, my leg injury has given me the means to demonstrate the healing qualities of Reiki.  As soon as I returned from my walk, I immediately iced my leg which was already swelling, bruising and numb to the touch.  While I iced it, I also did Reiki on my leg.  (Reiki is a form of energy healing that channels the Universal Life Force energy, helping the body to heal itself and restore balance.)  Today, though my leg is somewhat sore, it is nowhere near as sensitive nor as painful to touch as it was last night.  The swelling is reduced, and only mild bruising shows.  (This is quite amazing if one knows how very easily I typically bruise!)

So – a misstep?  I really think not in light of everything that has come out of it.  I shared Reiki healing with a couple of people today who may never have heard of Reiki but for my explaining about doing it on my leg.  I’m brought once again to the knowing that all things happen for a reason.

And again, I’m able to walk with confidence (and proof) that I do not walk alone.  All of my steps are guided – even my missteps.

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