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When bad things happen…

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Sometimes in life, we come face to face with situations or circumstances that exceed our present ability to make sense out of them.  Abuse can often fall into this category.  How can such evil exist?  How can one person possibly hurt a child in such a way as to sexually abuse them??  Why do such things happen?!

As a childhood survivor of sexual abuse myself, I can maybe add some thoughts to help make sense of such tragic experiences. It is true that every experience simply IS, as Theos has said. It is we, as humans, who add the value judgment onto each one – this is good (desirable), this is bad (evil, negative). I’m not dismissing the significance of experiencing abuse – not at all, but it IS a great source of opportunity. However, in our ego-based reality, one is not given much outward support to navigate through such experiences, especially at the time of their occurrence. We’re often forced to move through them in silence (adding power to the secret of it all) which only intensifies the loneliness, blame, guilt and rage.

While not condoning such behavior, it must be true that somehow we are in alignment vibrationally or otherwise this  would not exist within our sphere of experience.  I like to think of it that it has given me opportunities to experience intense emotions that I might not otherwise know first-hand. I firmly believe that in Spirit (and consequently in our physical reality) there are no victims. We come having made choices, many “forgotten”, but choices nonetheless. And if abuse has been part of my experience, then that was “set up” at some level (definitely not consciously) to afford certain opportunities.

Someone once explained it to me like this:
Imagine that you are in Spirit, making preparations to come into this incarnation. You’re surrounded by your soul family, your guides – all of your heavenly helpers – everyone who is helping you to make plans for this lifetime. Now say that you’ve decided that you want to experience Forgiveness on a grand scale. On a scale of 1 to 10, you’ve decided to go all the way – and you want to experience a Level 10 Forgiveness. So what would it take to give you that experience? From a human perspective, it would probably have to be something monumental: the death/loss of a child, abuse at the hands of a loved one, murder, mayhem. Something BIG, right?
Now you turn to your soul family who loves you beyond measure, who wants for you everything that you aspire for yourself, and you ask, “Who among you is willing to help me experience a Level 10 Forgiveness?” Slowly, everyone drops their eyes – surely you will not ask THEM to be the one to create this experience for you, knowing that it will more than likely cost them your love in this lifetime. Even though this lifetime is but a blip of time – your family doesn’t want to lose your love for even that short of a window. Who among this group of loving soul family members will be the “bad guy” for you? Finally, one steps forward and says, “I’ll do it. I’ll help you to have this experience because I love you so much, and I want you to have everything that you desire.”

So now this opportunity exists to move through all of the feelings, emotions (energy in motion), and challenges that such an experience creates. While the feelings can be difficult, they ARE navigable. Fortunately, once the silence is broken, there ARE resources to help understand and process the feelings (which can be incredibly intense) that come up as a result of something like this. There are other people (perhaps unfortunately) who have experienced similar things and who can help lead you to the other side – where, honestly, things don’t look as bleak as they do right now.

I share these thoughts in hopes that if you too have experienced something like this, or know someone who has, and are struggling through the emotional tempest created, perhaps you will find solace in reaching for a different perspective.  I will hold you in the loving Light where again you will recognize and know your wholeness – which has not been marred in any way by any experiences you’ve had. Your divinity holds you as creator of all, part of All That Is – and from that place, once again, you will know that ALL IS WELL.

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Change – are we ever without it? Whether we recognize it or not, our Universe is in constant motion, consequently, in constant change. Sometimes the changes are subtle, sometimes not. Sometimes they’re internal, and sometimes they’re external. But however life is proceeding, change is the one constant we can rely on.

2011 brings us a renewed opportunity to focus on the changes we’d LIKE to witness. Something about new beginnings seems to foster a renewed interest in starting over – THIS will be the year to lose that extra weight, to finally start writing that book, to take that trip – just because.

For me, 2011 will be about walking even more boldly onto this path of spiritual growth and service. I will embrace the trinity of Mind, Body and Soul – equally honoring all those parts of myself. I will UNCONDITIONALLY TRUST myself, my intuition and my gifts, as I’ve grown to unconditionally trust the Universe to support me. I will ALLOW and RELEASE those things which no longer serve me on this journey, even when I don’t understand what I’m releasing. I will appreciate my intellect without getting stuck in it. I will believe that I AM WORTHY of these spiritual gifts, and I will willingly offer my service to the world. I ACCEPT who I am. I ACCEPT my WORTHINESS. I ACCEPT all that Life brings my way – the pain, the learning, the joy, the amazing people and the wonderful experiences. I AM WORTHY OF IT ALL!

Yep, 2011 is going to be about stepping even more fully into ME! It’s going to be a phenomenal journey. Where is 2011 going to take you??

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