Uncommon Dialogue

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Our thoughts create our reality.  All of it.  So how do you expend that creative energy?  Do you dwell on the things that have happened in your past?  Do you tell and retell the stories of struggle, pain and suffering?  As a culture, we seem to have embraced the notion that suffering is noble and it’s all we have the right to expect.  Bullshit.  To me, there’s nothing noble at all about wallowing in the self-imposed prison of despair and suffering.  I’ve seen the beauty and magnificence of love and light.  I know beyond question that our lives were meant to be expressions of glory, greatness and unlimited potential.  Do you really want to squander all of that by telling stories of pain and suffering?

It’s true that life throws us curve balls, catastrophes even – but maybe the point isn’t to reduce us to ashes.  Maybe the point is to create the opportunity for us to rise up when everything around us has been leveled.  Maybe the point is for us to exercise our incredible powers of creation as we mold those ashes into monuments of greatness, towers of ingenuity and pillars of determination.  Maybe the point is for us to experience our divine nature as we craft worlds out of nothing-ness.

Life as we know it is changing.  We’re being given more opportunities to cultivate our connections to our divine, eternal, multidimensional Selves.  We’ve been shown aspects of our Selves that we can no longer discount.  We are being asked to step into the greatest version of our highest Self that we can imagine.  And saying, “No thanks, not now,” is no longer an option.

So what are you creating as you tell the stories of your life?  Are you painting masterpieces of color, light and texture on the canvas of your life or are you playing small by keeping all of the canvas dark and dismal?  It’s your choice.  Either choice is valid, but know that the days of casting blame for our life circumstances on powers outside of ourselves is quickly becoming a thing of the past.  Your choices create your reality.  How are you going to exercise your creative control?

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3 Responses to “Uncommon Dialogue”

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i’ve got to disagree… the byronic hero, the persephone woman… the dark, lonely, angst-ridden stories are the classics we return to over and over again. light and airy literature? rainbows and unicorns? even snoopy knew that “a dark and stormy night” would attract more attention than sunshine and laughter… but, that’s just my opinion.

Great article Sue, our thoughts do create our reality. and it is true, once you step into the greatest version of your Higher Self, there is no going back. It is one exciting journey to navigate through inspiration as it comes. Love it!

Great post Sue!

Cathy makes a great point about the “angst-ridden stories”, and how they tend to be the classics. But no one actually wants to live those stories, they only want to experience them from afar. The classics show a vast amount of contrast between “good and evil” and “dark and light” to make it so compelling you can not look away. But when it comes to our own personal story, we do want the rainbows and unicorns. We want the ability to protect ourselves from the mayhem that we think COULD happen. And that is where thinking and telling a new story comes into play.

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