Standing in Confidence

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Just two weeks ago when I attempted to write this blog, I was in a completely different space.  Now things have shifted, I have shifted, and I see the same things from this different perspective.

I guess I’m learning (again) to trust the process, my process.  I’m learning to trust this new foundation upon which I’m crafting my ever-expanding, constantly moving world.  I’m experiencing the power and the “rightness” of honoring my truth, sharing my voice and fully experiencing my emotions.

The bottom line is that life continues to be a fluid reflection of my inner world.  As I claim, with confidence and surety, the power of my connection to my Source, others reflect back to me the “magic” of allowing that connection.  It’s become such an anomaly, this natural connection to Source, that when we witness it, we’re awestruck and mesmerized.  The truth of the matter is that we ALL have this connection to Source; we ALL have access to the seemingly magical and miraculous happenings that flow from this connection.  We ALL do.  I’m not special – I’m just practicing living in the space of that connection, and it feels incredible.

sea-103539_1280I shared several Akashic Record readings this week that not only profoundly affected my clients, but which also profoundly affected me.  Each reading is unique and special, but this week something incredible happened for me.  I experienced a deep knowing about the power of aligning with my Soul.  I gained “evidence” of the magic of sharing my gifts in ways that makes my heart sing.  I realized that I am very good at what I do, and the more fully I stand in confidence, knowing Who I Am, the more powerfully I am able to influence my clients’ experience.

Life is all about learning who we are, about experiencing ourselves as the powerful creator of our world, and about allowing love to flow through us unimpeded.  The ways in which we can do all of these things are endless.  We can never get it wrong… but, oh, the deliciousness of how it feels when we allow complete and utter alignment is almost beyond description!

So today, as opposed to two weeks ago, I stand here in eager anticipation of whatever is next.  I stand with great joy and confidence that Life will be exciting and adventurous – and I’m ready.  I’m ready to embrace the entirety of my experience because I KNOW the power of my alignment, and I KNOW that I can come back to this place of alignment whenever I choose.  There is nothing more delicious, nor more exciting, than standing in the power of BEING me.

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5 Responses to “Standing in Confidence”

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I’m with you Sue, in that dance of JOY for being 100% with my own Truth! Thank you for sharing, I LOVE YOU. ❤ Eileen xo

I was meant to find this post. Thank you Jim (my soulmate)


It is so hard to explain to people and they lack the belief that it can really be this way. You just have to experience it and all you can do is point the way for others.

Thank you 🙂

I am in awe that all of sudden I am coming across these spiritual awakenings at the most important cross road and probably only crossroad I ve experienced in my 43yrs on this planet which 25 of them with someone who is now my reason for seeking “ME”, MYSELF, who is Shawn Myers and what does she stand for, what are her beliefs? All of these have been hidden away in the dark somewhere probably for protection. Mental abuse(and I hate the word), ridicule, criticism, false accusations, have stripped my soul and self-confidence tothe point that I am now reaching searching for truth and I think I have found it. Things became so clear and I am hearing and actively listening to the music of my soul as each step is taken to reach my place. My place in this galaxy that I am truly Awake with all senses working and able to feel my own heartbeat again. ITS EXCITING BUT SCAIRY SINCE I HAVE LOVED AND ADORED MY LOVER for so long I can feel my heart ache now as I speak, it make it difficult sometimes but I haven’t felt liked for so long I keep reminding myself thatmy once honest true friend has made me the enemy and I want my life and my inner being to feel again! Your words are truly powerful for me rt now so, I thank you. I thank my source for throwing courage and strength my way to make the big leap soon. I t’ll be the beginning of a long awaited journey – MY JOURNEY.

Shawn, this is the most important, most fulfilling journey you could ever undertake! May you be filled with all of the magic, wonder and awe that I know it holds for you! Namaste!

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