The Sacred Soul

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Many tools are available to help connect us to our inner guidance, our divine essence, our soul.  Whatever term you prefer, they all refer to that broader, timeless, non-physical aspect of ourselves, and that aspect of us is continually offering guidance, support, and unconditional love.  The only question becomes are we listening?

My personal journey has brought me, once again, to the powerful and healing energy of the Akashic Records.  I say “again” because this energy is familiar to me, it calls to me and I delight every single time I’m invited to share in it with my clients.  This is energy which I have accessed in other lifetimes.  Now, not only has my journey brought me back to the records for personal growth, but I also share Akashic Record Readings with clients from around the world.

Your Akashic Record 2The Akashic Records, if you’re not familiar, are the vibrational records of each soul’s journey through all of time.  They contain the history of all humanity – past, present, and future.  In the Bible, the records are referred to as The Book of Life.

As with any great body of information, there are many ways and means of accessing the knowledge contained therein.  Through a prayer process, I have been granted access into the heart of the records – the area of information that pertains to who you are at a core and fundamental level.  From this space, I am given information to help my clients remember who they are and what they’ve come into this life to experience.

Though each and every forray into the unconditional love that is the energy of the records is unique and special, a number of experiences appear to be universal.

1. The energy upon which the history of humanity is written as the Akashic Records is unconditional love.  When it is said that love unites us all, no truer words could be spoken.  Love IS the energy of which all things are made.

2.  Every soul is sacred.  In the space of unconditional love, no judgment exists.  Judgment is a human construct, an effort to assign meaning and significance to life experiences within the framework of the mind.  The fundamental truth is that every soul is an aspect of the divine, living out a human experience, but divine and sacred all the same.

3.  We are always connected to our divine Source.  It is only our awareness of our connection that fluctuates.  We alone are responsible for allowing or dis-allowing our connection through our thoughts, beliefs and perceptions, but the connection is always available.

Journeying into the records is like sharing an intimate dance with our soul.  We are enfolded in our soul’s loving embrace.  We are refreshed and renewed as we allow the life-giving peace and love of Source to fill, nurture and sustain us.  We are empowered by remembering our divine and sacred heritage.  We once again, at least for a short time, re-member the experience of BEING Love as we stand in union with our sacred self, our soul.

I invite you to experience the gift of this intimate dance and reunion with your soul.  Readings are offered by phone or Skype and are recorded for you convenience.  Readings last between 60 and 90 minutes and currently cost $150.  To schedule your own reading, please contact me at I look forward to the honor and privilege of greeting your soul through the unconditional love of the Akashic Records.

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