Why are you here?

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Why are you here? Do you ever ask yourself this question? Do you ever wonder what the point of all of this is? I do. A lot.

And through time, my answers to these questions have changed. For many years, I focused solely on having and raising a family. I can remember when nothing else seemed to matter BUT this.

Now, as my kids are getting older and more independent, I find myself answering these questions much differently. Now my focus, my purpose has become about expressing ME to the fullest extent possible. It’s become about BEING happy. My purpose has become about aligning with the very best version of ME that I can be – utilizing ALL that I am, connecting to All That Is.

In the process of all of this, I’m learning so much! I’m learning to let go of all of that “monkey mind” chatter that used to fill my headspace and make me crazy. All of those voices about not being enough or doing enough or needing to control everything and everyone around me to feel safe are slowly receding into the background. I’m learning that every experience that I’ve had has contributed to Who I’ve Become – and that makes every single one valuable to me. And perhaps, one of the greatest discoveries of all is that I am learning that I AM WHOLE. I’m not broken like I once thought – and as some people still see me. I have everything I need to feel complete within myself.

Yet, life is about relationships. Everything is relational. The relationship between Me and ME, between me and my friends, family, kids. It is in these contextual relationships that I play out my WHOLE-ness, my COMPLETE-ness. And from this place of being centered in my Being, I am free to choose which direction to go, which relationships to continue and which to leave. I get to choose. And every choice will bring me yet more information through which I can continue to grow and expand into an even deeper loving relationship between Me and All That Is.

Oh, isn’t life grand?!

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9 Responses to “Why are you here?”

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Very thankful for the support, even though the doubts and anger surface from time to time. All the confusion, mistakes and mistrust do have a valuable lesson to take with. It’s all still a big process which will lead to better things individually and as a community.

It’s a huge process! The best that we can do is be gentle as we allow ourselves to traverse the process – taking as long as it takes. xo

Ah, Sue…you say it so eloquently yet so authentically and so very spot-on. Thank you!

Thank you, Diane. I appreciate your support. We’re all traveling this journey together – and it’s oh so nice to feel seen and heard. 🙂

Thanks for sharing, I have most certainly felt like this for many years. You are right every this is relational absolutely. Great to know I’m not alone.

Absolutely BRILLIANT! I love your “SOUL SHARING” your willingness to explore, to question, to grow, to embrace, to EVOLVE into your most DIVINE self, creating and following your beautiful blue print for Heaven as you illuminate the way for others to discover for themselves how to LIVE LIFE LIGHTLY!!! You are SOULICIOUS ❤ Beck

Thanks so very much Beck!! Your support is so deeply appreciated!!

Was supposed to say “blueprint for Heaven on Earth” 🙂

LOL. I knew that. 😀

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