All You Have To Do is BE

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The way to do is to be.  ~ Lao Tzu
 The art of simply being seems to have gotten lost somewhere along our journey.  Society, American culture at least, applauds and exalts busy-ness.  We are taught proverbs such as, “Idle hands are the devil’s playground” from an early age and encouraged to keep busy.  Kids these days run, or
are shuttled, from activity to activity by parenThe way to do is to bets intent on keeping their kids busy and supposedly out of trouble.  But what price do we pay for all of this busy-ness?
Because of all of this noise, chaos and activity, many of us have lost touch with who we really are.  Not only have we become uncomfortable with quiet and stillness, but we no longer know where or how to find our true essence.  We then spend decades in search of ourselves, never realizing that we’ve carried the answer within us all along.
Western culture is now seeing an increase in popularity in meditation, energy work and other spiritual practices.  We are being pulled to slow down and embrace the stillness that allows us to connect with our inner being and our Source Creator.  Slowly, mainstream culture is seeing the benefits of relaxing, resting and reflecting.
We need that quiet time to go within, to embrace the silence of being and to connect to our Source which feeds and nourishes our being-ness, our soul.  It is in this silence that we allow the energy of Life to flow through us unimpeded by the critical thoughts, deadlines and daily expectations that fill our waking hours.  Through this unimpeded flow, we once again remember our true essence and our connection to All That Is.  We are one with everything, part of the universal experience of the divine in human form.  But until we slow down enough to hear that silence, we remain too busy to notice this essential connection.
Certainly there is a balance to be struck between doing and being.  But since society has over-emphasized the doing for so long, many of us need to focus more on practicing being as that is still our weakest link.  We find though that as we spend more time allowing ourselves to simply be, our doing becomes more inspired and fruitful rather than simply busy.  And this gives us more than enough time to experience, relish and regal in the glory of being human right now.
Take time to get quiet.  Allow your mind to still.  Reach for the peace that resides at the center of that stillness.  And allow your awareness to expand to include everything else.  This knowing is simply waiting for you to embrace it.  And all you have to do is BE.

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