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May I Have This Dance?

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She closed her eyes and let the scene form in her mind’s eye.  As she focused, the images came to life.

≈ ≈
She stood in the middle of the polished wooden floor which was worn smooth by years of shuffling feet.  He stood before her, resplendent in his black and white tuxedo.  Oh, he was so handsome.  He took her hand in his, and slipped his other hand to the small of her slender back.  As one, they began to glide across the dance floor. 

The heavy red velvet curtains hung to the floor along the back wall.  Though they only covered an old brick wall, they lent an air of majesty and sophistication to the old dance hall.  From somewhere unseen, the music wafted through the room and carried them along with its melancholy notes.

She put her head against his shoulder as he continued to effortlessly guide her around and around the dance floor.  She revelled in the strength of him, in the solid feel of him.  And all she could keep thinking was, “You came.  You really came to me.”

Together they moved as one, gracefully covering the length of the old dance floor again and again.  There was no other moment.  There was nothing more important than this moment that they were sharing together.  Her happiness welled up from inside her and spilled down her cheeks in little rivulets of joy.  She felt herself smile through her tears.  And still they continued to dance –  slowly, gracefully, lovingly moving together and sharing the joy of their moment.

Slowly the music faded away, taking the images away too.

≈ ≈ 

Gradually she opened her eyes and felt the salt of her tears real on her cheeks.  Where had THAT come from? 

Though they were only images in her mind, she hung on to the happiness she felt in her heart for it was as real to her as the pen and paper she used to capture this golden moment in time.  She smiled again, knowing with all her being that truly All is Well.

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When bad things happen…

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Sometimes in life, we come face to face with situations or circumstances that exceed our present ability to make sense out of them.  Abuse can often fall into this category.  How can such evil exist?  How can one person possibly hurt a child in such a way as to sexually abuse them??  Why do such things happen?!

As a childhood survivor of sexual abuse myself, I can maybe add some thoughts to help make sense of such tragic experiences. It is true that every experience simply IS, as Theos has said. It is we, as humans, who add the value judgment onto each one – this is good (desirable), this is bad (evil, negative). I’m not dismissing the significance of experiencing abuse – not at all, but it IS a great source of opportunity. However, in our ego-based reality, one is not given much outward support to navigate through such experiences, especially at the time of their occurrence. We’re often forced to move through them in silence (adding power to the secret of it all) which only intensifies the loneliness, blame, guilt and rage.

While not condoning such behavior, it must be true that somehow we are in alignment vibrationally or otherwise this  would not exist within our sphere of experience.  I like to think of it that it has given me opportunities to experience intense emotions that I might not otherwise know first-hand. I firmly believe that in Spirit (and consequently in our physical reality) there are no victims. We come having made choices, many “forgotten”, but choices nonetheless. And if abuse has been part of my experience, then that was “set up” at some level (definitely not consciously) to afford certain opportunities.

Someone once explained it to me like this:
Imagine that you are in Spirit, making preparations to come into this incarnation. You’re surrounded by your soul family, your guides – all of your heavenly helpers – everyone who is helping you to make plans for this lifetime. Now say that you’ve decided that you want to experience Forgiveness on a grand scale. On a scale of 1 to 10, you’ve decided to go all the way – and you want to experience a Level 10 Forgiveness. So what would it take to give you that experience? From a human perspective, it would probably have to be something monumental: the death/loss of a child, abuse at the hands of a loved one, murder, mayhem. Something BIG, right?
Now you turn to your soul family who loves you beyond measure, who wants for you everything that you aspire for yourself, and you ask, “Who among you is willing to help me experience a Level 10 Forgiveness?” Slowly, everyone drops their eyes – surely you will not ask THEM to be the one to create this experience for you, knowing that it will more than likely cost them your love in this lifetime. Even though this lifetime is but a blip of time – your family doesn’t want to lose your love for even that short of a window. Who among this group of loving soul family members will be the “bad guy” for you? Finally, one steps forward and says, “I’ll do it. I’ll help you to have this experience because I love you so much, and I want you to have everything that you desire.”

So now this opportunity exists to move through all of the feelings, emotions (energy in motion), and challenges that such an experience creates. While the feelings can be difficult, they ARE navigable. Fortunately, once the silence is broken, there ARE resources to help understand and process the feelings (which can be incredibly intense) that come up as a result of something like this. There are other people (perhaps unfortunately) who have experienced similar things and who can help lead you to the other side – where, honestly, things don’t look as bleak as they do right now.

I share these thoughts in hopes that if you too have experienced something like this, or know someone who has, and are struggling through the emotional tempest created, perhaps you will find solace in reaching for a different perspective.  I will hold you in the loving Light where again you will recognize and know your wholeness – which has not been marred in any way by any experiences you’ve had. Your divinity holds you as creator of all, part of All That Is – and from that place, once again, you will know that ALL IS WELL.

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Change – are we ever without it? Whether we recognize it or not, our Universe is in constant motion, consequently, in constant change. Sometimes the changes are subtle, sometimes not. Sometimes they’re internal, and sometimes they’re external. But however life is proceeding, change is the one constant we can rely on.

2011 brings us a renewed opportunity to focus on the changes we’d LIKE to witness. Something about new beginnings seems to foster a renewed interest in starting over – THIS will be the year to lose that extra weight, to finally start writing that book, to take that trip – just because.

For me, 2011 will be about walking even more boldly onto this path of spiritual growth and service. I will embrace the trinity of Mind, Body and Soul – equally honoring all those parts of myself. I will UNCONDITIONALLY TRUST myself, my intuition and my gifts, as I’ve grown to unconditionally trust the Universe to support me. I will ALLOW and RELEASE those things which no longer serve me on this journey, even when I don’t understand what I’m releasing. I will appreciate my intellect without getting stuck in it. I will believe that I AM WORTHY of these spiritual gifts, and I will willingly offer my service to the world. I ACCEPT who I am. I ACCEPT my WORTHINESS. I ACCEPT all that Life brings my way – the pain, the learning, the joy, the amazing people and the wonderful experiences. I AM WORTHY OF IT ALL!

Yep, 2011 is going to be about stepping even more fully into ME! It’s going to be a phenomenal journey. Where is 2011 going to take you??

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So many of the things we’re pursuing on our spiritual journey are all about subtleties – shifts in perception or feeling, nuances, energies.  These are things that are invisible to most of us.  While we all know, at some level, that we’re not alone and are being guided, how many of you ask for “proof” of this?  I do – a lot.  And I get SO excited when I find evidence.

Last Friday night, I was to meet up with a friend and his girlfriend to take in the awesome light displays around the Mormon Temple in downtown Salt Lake City.  I was warned that parking would be a nightmare – no problem, I thought, I’ll just have my angels line up a space for me.  Sure enough, I drove downtown, found an out-of-the-way street near the Temple Square – and after driving around the block only once, found a parking place just a few car lengths from the Square itself.  (Yeah!  Thanks, Angels!)  My friend and his girlfriend hadn’t planned ahead quite as well.  After driving around for a half hour, I told my friend that he was supposed to ask his angels to arrange for a parking place.  He just laughed at me.  “Fine,” I said, “I’ll do it for you.  Call me when you’ve gotten here.”  So I went into a bathroom, fervently praying all the while that my angels would show them a place to park.  As soon as I walked out of the stall, I found 3 pennies – signs from my angels – so I knew they’d found something.  A few minutes later, they called letting me know where to meet them – since they’d found somewhere to park.  (I KNEW it!)

I just love when things like that happen!  It’s hard to argue with that kind of immediate response.  While my friend might just laugh it off as a coincidence, I certainly know better.  There are NO coincidences.

I had another delicious thing happen this morning.  I was chatting with a girlfriend on the phone, and she was telling me that she couldn’t remember where she’d stashed some jerseys she’d bought her kids in October as Christmas presents.  She’d torn apartt her office, but couldn’t find them!  She wasn’t looking forward to tearing apart the rest of the house in search of these hidden gifts.  So I told her I’d pull out my pendulum and see if we could figure out where she’d put them.  After a few questions, my pendulum (which has been programmed to only get information from my higher self) indicated that the jerseys were somewhere in her bedroom.  I kept asking questions trying to narrow down where they were.  Soon we were “told” they were in her closet.

Now, while I’ve been to her house numerous times, I’ve never been in her bedroom closet, so I’m not familiar with its layout.  I asked her to describe what was in there – shelves, hanging rods, a few drawers, etc.  I asked my pendulum if the jerseys were on the left.  “YES”  Were they on the floor?  “YES”  Were they in one of the drawers?  “YES”  So while I’m asking questions, she’s looking through the closet – and opened the drawers.

All of a sudden, she’s screaming, “Oh my god!  Oh my god!  I can’t believe it.”  I’m thinking, “What just happened?”  She said, “Why’d I put them in the drawer?  I never put anything in there.”  She’d found the missing jerseys in the drawer – which she obviously wouldn’t have looked in for quite some time since she didn’t think she’d put stuff there.  She was AWED – and I was tickled!  So happy to help!  So happy I’m willing to LISTEN to spirit.

It was such a FUN experience!  I just loved it!  And it was fun too that my “credibility” was raised even higher in her eyes – and my own.  I KNOW that I’m connected.

Don’t you?!

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Some days I walk with more confidence than others that I’m following my life’s purpose, that I’m guided and supported on this journey by both physical and non-physical friends.  I spend time each day getting quiet, allowing my inner guidance a chance to surface and direct me.  I seek ways to stay grounded and centered, and when I find things that work for me, I try to practice them often.

Even still, there are days when I don’t know what my next step needs to be, when I questions the path I’m on – especially when I run into obstacles and obstructions.  And lots of days, I wonder why things happen the way they do.  When I’m lucky, when time and hindsight serve me well, then sometimes I’m able to answer that plaguing question of “Why?!”

Just yesterday, I experienced something that threw a huge “Why?!” into my path – and today I think I’ve gained some understanding.  While out walking yesterday, doing an activity that keeps me grounded and centered, I unknowingly stepped onto a septic tank cover that collapsed beneath me.  I dropped straight down into the access pipe, grazing the length of my leg on the edge of the pipe.  I recall my arm pit hitting something (the ground), and in the next instant, I was getting up onto my knees, standing up gingerly on my now badly bruised leg, and hoping no one witnessed my embarrassing lapse of sure footing.

Isn’t it interesting that my immediate reaction was one of embarrassment?!  I’m still sorting that one out.  However, the lesson I’ve come away with from this significant misstep is that I AM supremely protected, guarded and guided.

Everything happened so quickly when I fell!  In one instant, I felt incredible pain as my leg scraped down the pipe and my arm hit something solid (at this point I was up to my arm pits into the hole).  The next instant I was getting onto my knees and gingerly standing up.  How could I have gotten out of the hole so quickly, while STILL holding my camera?  How did I get high enough to get onto my knees?  How come there were no injuries to my arm, shoulder, neck or back if my arms did, in fact, stop my fall?

I went back today to check out this hole that I’d inadvertently stepped into, to see if I could figure out how I got out of my predicament so quickly.  I’m left KNOWING that my angels walked with me yesterday, that they caught me as I fell and just as quickly lifted me back out.  I have no doubt of this because there is no “logical” explanation for how I got out of that hole.  My angels are with me, even when I walk unaware.

No one actually witnessed my misstep, but someone did comment on my prolonged absence, saying that “she probably fell into a hole.”  The remark was made flippantly, but wasn’t everyone surprised to find out that was exactly what had happened?

So, back to the big question of “Why?”  Why did I fall into the hole?  Why did I have to bruise my leg?  Why did I have this experience?  I’ve found several different answers – like most experiences, this one served a number of different purposes.

First off, the message to me is clearly that I AM supported, guided and protected every step of the way – even during my missteps.  Since it provided this “evidence” to my ever questioning mind, can it really be considered a “misstep”?  Or was it a calculated way to show evidence of my angelic helpers?

Second, being intent and committed to expressing my spiritual awakening honestly and authentically, I’ve been quick to attribute my rescue to my ever-present and vigilant angels.  I’ve told all of my friends that my angels pulled me from that hole since I couldn’t have managed such a feat – certainly not as quickly and effortlessly (and while still holding my camera).  So this misstep gives me another opportunity to demonstrate the spirit world’s immediate and practical involvement in our daily lives.

Lastly then, my leg injury has given me the means to demonstrate the healing qualities of Reiki.  As soon as I returned from my walk, I immediately iced my leg which was already swelling, bruising and numb to the touch.  While I iced it, I also did Reiki on my leg.  (Reiki is a form of energy healing that channels the Universal Life Force energy, helping the body to heal itself and restore balance.)  Today, though my leg is somewhat sore, it is nowhere near as sensitive nor as painful to touch as it was last night.  The swelling is reduced, and only mild bruising shows.  (This is quite amazing if one knows how very easily I typically bruise!)

So – a misstep?  I really think not in light of everything that has come out of it.  I shared Reiki healing with a couple of people today who may never have heard of Reiki but for my explaining about doing it on my leg.  I’m brought once again to the knowing that all things happen for a reason.

And again, I’m able to walk with confidence (and proof) that I do not walk alone.  All of my steps are guided – even my missteps.

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