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Suffering is optional

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Life holds so many mysteries and surprises – some exciting and uplifting, some downright devastating.  No one seems to make it through life unscathed.  We all bear scars of one sort or another as if to prove that yes, we have walked through the fires of life.  Why then do some seem to do it with so much greater ease than others?  What secrets do they know that pave their journey with ease and grace while others are continually raked over the coals?

The answer is both simpler and more complex than you might first imagine.  Life happens.  Pain occurs.  Whether it is physical or emotional, painful things happen.  However, our response to the painful stimuli or the pain itself determines whether we suffer or not.  That response is within our control, and it is our response which gives us the power to move through the pain by letting it pass or to stay stuck in it thereby creating our own suffering.

Suffering is optionalAs you might guess, our thoughts have a tremendous impact on our responses.  If we see life as a struggle, we’re going to attract circumstances to prove that perspective.  Contrarily, if we see life as supportive, we will experience evidence to support that view.  Letting go of the need to suffer then becomes yet another benefit to adopting a positive outlook on life.

The following suggestions can help to shift your thoughts toward a more positive perspective and thus reduce the amount of suffering that you experience.

Accept personal responsibility.

When we assume responsibility for our lives, we put ourselves in a position of power.  We hold the power to choose.  We have the authority to exercise free will.  We can set limits and boundaries.  We put ourselves into the driver’s seat of our life.  We empower ourselves.

By accepting this responsibility, we raise our vibration above helplessness which feeling like a victim to life’s seeming randomness engenders.  This shifts our perspective as well.  It gives us the insight that challenges happen, difficult experiences occur.  However, we no longer see these happenings as meant to beat us down but, in fact, to give us opportunities to rise up.  Challenges become the pathway to personal growth and expansion.  We build upon our previous successes and believe in our ability to overcome whatever life throws our way.  We will not stay down when we know our own power.

Be open to learning.

Life is about the journey, the continual unfolding of experience and understanding.  We are here, I believe, to experience ourselves as the divine creators that we are.  As such, we are continually given happenings through which we can deepen our understanding of ourselves and our power to create.  We learn about our resiliency, our tenacity, our precociousness.  We test our limits so that we can move beyond them.

When life is viewed with the intent to learn something from every experience, we no longer need to judge things as either good or bad since every experience teaches something.  We create more latitude and freedom to go beyond our previously conceived limitations.  When we can release the need to already know everything about life and ourselves, we open to learning more than we ever dreamed possible, often through means which we never even considered.

Don’t take it personally.

We so often act as if everything that we witness in life is aimed at us personally.  We take offense at a friend’s apparent thoughtlessness.  We become wounded because someone we want to be with is busy doing other things.  We assume that our partner’s silence or withdrawal is our fault.  We create stories in our minds that explain whatever we’re observing, and for one reason or another, we make ourselves wrong.

Putting ourselves in this place of being at fault for every little thing stems from the unconscious perspective of being a victim to life.  But we are not victims – we are the creators of our experience.  So when we stop telling stories that perpetuate the myth of our victimhood and stop making up reasons why we are at fault for things, we are free to simply observe life.  That friend’s thoughtlessness may have been caused by her preoccupation with her parent’s failing health.  It had nothing to do with our relationship.  The friend we want to be with who is busy doing other things is juggling a full schedule and will happily spend time with us soon.  And our partner’s silent withdrawal may be his way of dealing with added pressures at work.  Most of the things we observe other people doing have absolutely nothing to do with us.  So quit taking responsibility for their actions.

Being detached enough to simply observe life creates an incredible freedom to respond with love rather than using things as excuses to feel bad about ourselves.  Rather than becoming yet another reason to suffer, life becomes inviting and exciting.

Avoid comparisons.

When we operate from the unconscious perspective of being a victim, we often compare our experiences to others.  Without understanding what someone else has done to get to where we now see them standing in life, we simply decide that we are “less than” or “not enough” because we aren’t also standing there.  We inevitably make the comparisons about our worth which can only be damaging.

When we become confident about our undeniable value and worth, we no longer need comparisons to validate our position.  We realize that comparisons are actually irrelevant.

Trust that things are always working out.

Holding onto the belief that things are always working out for us puts us in a place of positive expectation.  We begin to see our experiences as life affirming rather than negating.  We weather difficulties with more ease because we understand that all situations are temporary and that by not resisting them, we allow them to flow past us more quickly.  We trust that every difficulty is actually an opportunity to break through old limits and create a more expansive future.  We look at our life as the mirror it is and rather than deciding that things are indicating we aren’t good enough, we see the areas in our lives where our beliefs are creating barriers to our potential.  Then we use that information to create even greater joy by moving past those barriers.

Life offers us endless support when we are willing to accept it.  Otherwise, we can also experience an endless array of difficulty which must surely indicate that we are unworthy and unlovable.  Ultimately, the choice is ours.  We can allow life to validate our worth, create ever greater opportunities for growth and endless opportunities to share love.  Or we can wallow in the despair of never being enough, never measuring up to whatever self-imposed standard we’ve created internally, and having no chance of beating the overwhelming odds that life stacks against us.  One choice is filled with love, light, joy and possibility.  The other is mired in despair, helplessness and hopelessness.

Isn’t it awesome that we can choose either option?!

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All You Have To Do is BE

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The way to do is to be.  ~ Lao Tzu
 The art of simply being seems to have gotten lost somewhere along our journey.  Society, American culture at least, applauds and exalts busy-ness.  We are taught proverbs such as, “Idle hands are the devil’s playground” from an early age and encouraged to keep busy.  Kids these days run, or
are shuttled, from activity to activity by parenThe way to do is to bets intent on keeping their kids busy and supposedly out of trouble.  But what price do we pay for all of this busy-ness?
Because of all of this noise, chaos and activity, many of us have lost touch with who we really are.  Not only have we become uncomfortable with quiet and stillness, but we no longer know where or how to find our true essence.  We then spend decades in search of ourselves, never realizing that we’ve carried the answer within us all along.
Western culture is now seeing an increase in popularity in meditation, energy work and other spiritual practices.  We are being pulled to slow down and embrace the stillness that allows us to connect with our inner being and our Source Creator.  Slowly, mainstream culture is seeing the benefits of relaxing, resting and reflecting.
We need that quiet time to go within, to embrace the silence of being and to connect to our Source which feeds and nourishes our being-ness, our soul.  It is in this silence that we allow the energy of Life to flow through us unimpeded by the critical thoughts, deadlines and daily expectations that fill our waking hours.  Through this unimpeded flow, we once again remember our true essence and our connection to All That Is.  We are one with everything, part of the universal experience of the divine in human form.  But until we slow down enough to hear that silence, we remain too busy to notice this essential connection.
Certainly there is a balance to be struck between doing and being.  But since society has over-emphasized the doing for so long, many of us need to focus more on practicing being as that is still our weakest link.  We find though that as we spend more time allowing ourselves to simply be, our doing becomes more inspired and fruitful rather than simply busy.  And this gives us more than enough time to experience, relish and regal in the glory of being human right now.
Take time to get quiet.  Allow your mind to still.  Reach for the peace that resides at the center of that stillness.  And allow your awareness to expand to include everything else.  This knowing is simply waiting for you to embrace it.  And all you have to do is BE.
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Why are you here?

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Why are you here? Do you ever ask yourself this question? Do you ever wonder what the point of all of this is? I do. A lot.

And through time, my answers to these questions have changed. For many years, I focused solely on having and raising a family. I can remember when nothing else seemed to matter BUT this.

Now, as my kids are getting older and more independent, I find myself answering these questions much differently. Now my focus, my purpose has become about expressing ME to the fullest extent possible. It’s become about BEING happy. My purpose has become about aligning with the very best version of ME that I can be – utilizing ALL that I am, connecting to All That Is.

In the process of all of this, I’m learning so much! I’m learning to let go of all of that “monkey mind” chatter that used to fill my headspace and make me crazy. All of those voices about not being enough or doing enough or needing to control everything and everyone around me to feel safe are slowly receding into the background. I’m learning that every experience that I’ve had has contributed to Who I’ve Become – and that makes every single one valuable to me. And perhaps, one of the greatest discoveries of all is that I am learning that I AM WHOLE. I’m not broken like I once thought – and as some people still see me. I have everything I need to feel complete within myself.

Yet, life is about relationships. Everything is relational. The relationship between Me and ME, between me and my friends, family, kids. It is in these contextual relationships that I play out my WHOLE-ness, my COMPLETE-ness. And from this place of being centered in my Being, I am free to choose which direction to go, which relationships to continue and which to leave. I get to choose. And every choice will bring me yet more information through which I can continue to grow and expand into an even deeper loving relationship between Me and All That Is.

Oh, isn’t life grand?!

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Let things be

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Can you feel it?  Are you too struggling to find your joy and happiness right now?  Do you feel like part of you has hunkered down and is now in hibernation?  Well, if that’s the case, I want you to know that you’re not alone!

My 2015 started out in the best possible way – connecting with amazing people, having phenomenal experiences, stepping into knowing what I want to leave behind in 2014 and what I want to invite into 2015.  But the first few weeks of this new year have felt all over the board.  Physically, I’ve already had two bouts with cold and flu.  Clearing?  Purging?  I think so – on many levels.  And now my body remains tired.  Overly tired despite getting plenty of sleep.

My mind wants to know what’s going on.  I want to ask myself what it is that I’m doing “wrong,” as if this is somehow wrong.  But I know better than that too.  I KNOW that we are all where we need to be, moving through everything we need to experience.  I trust that it’s all good and that whatever this is, it is happening for my highest good.I will let things be

So I’m left with just one thing:  BE GENTLE.  Those words keep coming to me.  Be gentle – when in the past I might berate myself for “still” being in this space after hours, days, now weeks.

I connect with the people who uplift and support me.  I talk to my friends, many who offer their insights into what they perceive is going on with me.  I balance and weigh their perceptions with what I believe to be true myself.  And underneath it all is the admonition to TRUST myself, to trust the process, my process.  What is right for me isn’t necessarily right for anyone else – but beating myself up definitely won’t make it any easier.

Sometimes the words I offer to my clients during readings are as much for me as they are for them.  Today I am reminded of words that I recently shared with a client – to get out of my own way and stop micro-managing things.  I DO trust that everything is working out.  Some days, the best thing is to just let them be.

I know that in a short time, things will have shifted sufficiently that I will feel completely differently.  So for right now, I vow to just let things be.

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Figuring it out as we go…

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Life is a process.  Each experience leads to another, to the next.  For better or for worse, we can only take one step at a time, whether that feels like a forward step or a backward step.  We just keep racking up experience after experience.  And we hope that we are going somewhere – somewhere that feels good, that feels fulfilling.

We made assessments about life at a very early age.  We made determinations about our worth, our value, about success and failure – long before we fully understood the depth of meaning of those concepts.  Then we spend our lives marching to the tune of those beliefs acquired long before we had the power to choose deliberately and consciously.  We were subjected to customs, traditions, duties and obligations – and those things became the fabric of the tapestry of How We View Life.

At some point, most of us wake up to the fact that we can actually examine and discard those beliefs that feel like vices around our very lifeblood – those things that choke the hope, joy and love out of our existence.  You know the ones I’m talking about – those things like, “You’re a worthless piece of ^%*$,” or “You don’t deserve to be happy,” or “It’s all your fault.”  Pick your poison.  We’re all carrying some version of it around inside of us.

The way I now see it, the path to happiness lies in exposing these false beliefs that underlie the very Each experiencefoundation of who we see ourselves to be.  They impact everything.  Every relationship.  Every interaction.  Every choice.  We’re either proving to ourselves that they’re true, and we are worthless – or we’re faced with the realization that the very foundation of what we’ve built our identity upon is cracked, damaged and in dire need of rebuilding.

So that brings me back to my initial comment – Life is a process.  I said that to a friend today, and he thought he heard me say, Life is a crock.  Perhaps that’s really what I was saying.  Sometimes the process just plain sucks.  It can be hard.  But only – and I mean ONLY – because somewhere along the line we’ve deemed it so.

See, we came in with a clean slate.  We entered this life knowing that we are divine creators, still basking in the loving oneness that precedes and supersedes life as we consciously know it.  And then we forgot.  We forgot that we come from love and that the point is and has always been simply experiencing and expressing this love in an infinite variety of ways.  Somewhere along the line we messed it all up by coming to believe that we are anything less than who we were when we began this journey as little tiny infants.  We created limiting beliefs … and now we’re on the journey of exposing them for the falsehoods that they are, one by stinking one.

Gradually we begin to reassemble the pieces of the puzzle into their proper places.  We begin to see ourselves as the powerful creators of our experience that we always have been, but which we were taught to diminish and discount, belittle and bemoan.  When we take responsibility for our lives, we see that each experience is one more piece of the puzzle reassembling our divine birthright which is to know that love is all there is.  Everything else is illusion.

So while it is true that sometimes the process stinks, it does lead us to the magnificent revelation and understanding of our divine connection to all things.  As humans, we’re all just figuring it out as we go.  And nothing could be more perfect than that.

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The illusion is that someone else put up the fences – when it’s been our doing all along.

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The illusion is that someone else put up the fencesWe want to hold someone else responsible for the fences we run into. We want to blame them for putting up these barriers – when in reality, any barriers we encounter are always of our own making.

I know that is a hard pill to swallow. “How can that possibly be? Why would I put up fences to hold me back? So-and-so is the one that made me mad or is being a jerk or …” or whatever story we tell that shifts the focus from our own thoughts and beliefs that are really responsible for creating the feeling state that we’re in. And try as we might, that responsibility falls squarely on us.

I understand. I get it. Life happens. Things break. Kids make poor choices. People act crabby or get depressed. We have disappointments. But in ALL of these things, it is up to us alone to CHOOSE how to respond, how to feel and then how to act. We can let our inner dialogue convince us that we’re powerless, that someone else is at fault – which again just puts us in that victim stance of powerlessness – or we can recognize our power to pause that inner conversation and shift it.

I’m not saying this is easily done. Hardly! There are so few role models for this. It is certainly NOT what most of us have been taught. We have no idea what this looks like – but THAT is no excuse for not making the effort, for not choosing to stop self-defeating self-talk, for not interrupting the “automatic” knee-jerk reactions we’re used to employing by default.

Pause. Breathe. Ask yourself, “What is appropriate for me right now?” Or “What good in this situation am I not seeing?” It’s solely up to us to change these patterns which no longer serve us.

And sometimes… it’s best to just lay low, curl up with a book, and wait for another day to try again.

Whatever you choose, own it. Be okay with it. Know that somehow all of this is leading to a better tomorrow – once we quit banging against those fences that we think are holding us back.

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Hopping the Blog

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Writing 1Writing.  It’s such a vital form of self-expression for me – and obviously for many other talented women!  I’m honored to have been asked to participate in a “Blog Hop” by the amazingly talented J.V. Manning.  When I was first introduced to J.V.’s writings, I was touched by how deeply her words resonated with my soul.  As I continue this journey, I have been blessed to have connected with many other amazing women who also use writing as a means of self-expression, self-exploration and self-declaration.  I encourage you to take some time to explore the writings of my friends Jenny G. Perry and Sheila Burke.  All three of the wonderful ladies have published their own books – be sure to check out their blogs sites for more information!

What am I working on?

Writing, while a staple in my life, has not been my main focus lately.  Rather, it has been a supplement to what I have been focusing on.  It always adds to my life in that way.  Writing helps me to clarify, to integrate, to go deep within.

Typically, I use journaling to help me both record what I’m going through (though why that’s important isn’t always obvious to me) and to share with others the insights I’ve gained.  The energy is gathering though, and it feels that soon I will be focused on my writing in a way heretofore not experienced.

Perhaps it’ll soon be time to dust off the book that I started writing two years ago. Maybe its time is coming soon.

How does my writing differ from others of its genre?

My writing is very personal, yet I believe it touches a cord of familiarity within my readers.  Those who know me often comment that my writing sounds just like me talking.  In many ways, that’s all it is.  I guess I am just transcribing the conversations that are occurring in my head.  And somehow, when I talk to people, especially my clients, I sound like an old friend.  I like to think that my writing comes across in the same way.

Writing 2Why do I write what I do?

As I already said, I write to reach clarity and insight for myself, and I write to share what I’ve learned.  Writing is an expression of who I am.  It is a passion, a dream and a way to bring my dreams into reality.

I really don’t know how to write any other way.  I write from my heart.  Through m y writing I bare my soul.  In saying that, I realize how exposed I am once I put a pen to paper.  Other writers may hide behind their pen – or at least try on different personas.  Not me.  When I write, I’m putting all of me out there – and that only scares me if I stop to consider what someone might think about my writing.  But as long as I write for me, any reaction at all by my readers could be considered a good thing.

I write what I do because it helps me to grow.

How does my writing process work?

That’s a funny question to me – and I suppose the answer, “Very well,” is a bit too flippant.  But that’s the truth.  It does work very well for me.

What I’m irreverently saying is that I really don’t have a process.  I write when I have something so vital to say that I cannot NOT write.  I write when I need to sort something out.  I write when I want to remember how something felt.  And I write when I want to share my insights and understandings.  I also write when I want to deeply connect with someone else.

Sometimes I go for a long time without writing anything at all.  And sometimes I write every day.  But I write when I feel inspired to write.  I don’t want writing to become a “have to” in my life.  It brings me too much joy and to many gifts to ever let it feel like a chore.


J.V. Manning

JVManning PhotoWho is J.V. Manning?

She is at times her own best friend and at times her own worst enemy. Some days she has her stuff together. Some days she is a hot mess. She drinks way too much coffee, but always seems to be tired. She thinks a lot – probably too much. Her brain never really shuts off. She is quirky. She is a bit random. She is a tad bit crazy at times. She has been to hell and back and isn’t afraid to write about it. She is a bit outspoken, probably too blunt and tends to speak her mind. She refuses to break regardless of what life throws at her. She likes to make people think.

She is the woman next door, the chick at the coffee shop, and the one singing in her truck at a traffic light. She is a wife, stepmother, sister and friend. J.V. is simply a woman who has seen both the darkest of days and the brightest moments that life has to offer and who one day decided to write about them.

J.V. Manning is the author of the wildly successful blog “Random Thoughts n’ Lotsa Coffee.” Her first book, “Random Thoughts n’ Lotsa Coffee: A Collection of Writings Inspired by Real Life,” was published in 2013 and her second book “The Other Side- Where all the life lessons learned from your past are put to use for a brighter, happier future” was released on May 2014.

J.V. lives in Gorham, Maine, with her husband and stepson. She can often be found down at the coast – coffee in hand – contemplating life while staring out at the deep blue of the Atlantic Ocean.

Books by J.V. Manning:

The Other Side: Where all the life lessons learned from your past are put to use for a brighter, happier future.


Random Thoughts n’ Lotsa Coffee: A Collection of Writings Inspired By Real Life.



Website & Social Media:

Website/Blog: www.randomthoughtsnlotsacoffee.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/RandomThoughtsandLotsaCoffee


Twitter: www.twitter.com/ThoughtsnCoffee

Instagram: www.instagramcom/ThoughtsnCoffee

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/JVManning


Jenny G. Perry

Jenny G. PerryJenny G. Perry is the author of the novel The Jennifers. She’s a feisty married mother of five happily residing at the Jersey Shore. She’s a life coach who loves her work. She loves to blog on social media about her life’s journey in a fun and spiritual way. She has a passion for life, fashion, and a bold voice which preaches self-love daily. She loves to give author talks to cheer on her fellow writers and to tell everyone to go after their dreams. She has a blog called Sassy Spirit on www.beliefnet.com and has also been featured as a blogger on huffingtonpost.com and elephantjournal.com. She was also in the May 2014 issue of Oprah magazine. She is featured on the cover of the Issue #5 Spring 2014 of www.expandedfamily1wordpress.com. One of her Huffington Post blog was also posted on cosmopolitan.com and goodhousekeeping.com.

She’s given author talks for her novel The Jennifers where she not only talks about life, but also her journey of self loathing to loving. She’s done workshops on Finding Your Joy and also tips on self-publishing. She spoke at the STEPS even about Reinventing Yourself. She’s doing her first teleclass workshop titled “Self-Love Boat” with one of her soul sisters, Kim Schwartz.

Calling herself a silly-sassy-spiritual-sexpot, she aims to uplift, empower and inspire daily. You can find her blog at:jennygperry.com or jennygperry.wordpress.com. For all her shenanigans you can follow her on Facebook under Jenny G. Perry. Facebook fan pages: Peace Love Joy Sparkles, Jenny G. Perry.

Twitter: @JennyGPerry

Instagram: JennyGPerry

To book an intuitive life coaching session: jennyperryrocks@yahoo.com

Her novel The Jennifers is available on amazon.com

Contact her at: jennyperryrocks@yahoo.com PO Box 1132 Ocean City, NJ 08226

She’s also a Beach Body Coach because she believes in cheering others on to be fit versus thin. http://www.teambeachbody.com/jennygperry


Sheila Burke

Sheila BurkeSheila Burke was born, raised, and has lived in Ohio her whole life. She and her husband Shane have raised their three children in Ohio as well. She’s been on a journey of self discovery for many years. With an open mind, Sheila loves to read and enjoys learning though a variety of subjects. Sheila started blogging in 2004 and started writing inspirational books in 2010. She is also an entrepreneur and amateur photographer. Her books include Zen-Sational Living, Booyah Spirit, and Chorus of Souls. She is the founder of ZenSational Living as well as Irie.  Check out Sheila’s blog.


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Dancing in the Void

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We all experience that in-between space as we’re moving from one phase or chapter of life into the next.  You know what I mean – that place that feels like limbo – neither here nor there.  In between.  The Void.

Often in the past, I would find this “mood” settle on me and call it a “funk,” but I stopped doing that when I realized that by giving it a negative label, I probably wasn’t helping myself.  So what IS this space, this energy in-between where I once was and where I’m going next?

Welcome to The Void.  Contrary to what you might conclude at first glance, the Void is not emptiness.  It is not nothing-ness.  In fact, the Void is quite the opposite because the Void is pregnant with possibilities.  It is the space where all potentialities exist but which have not yet been called into form.  The Void is teeming with opportunities, beeming with contingencies, and it is merely waiting on our decision to pick a course, a direction so that it can begin to form our desires.

While being in this vague, undefined space has often created a feeling of unease within me, more recently I’m coming to understand the value of embracing the Void.  I sense the existence of all of these possibilities floating around me, and I too now understand that it is my lack of clarity that has landed me in this limbo.

Sometimes there are very good reasons for my not knowing more precisely what it is that I am wanting.  (I’m also learning to not judge myself harshly for taking whatever time is necessary to figure out what it is that I do want.)  And sometimes, it’s as simple as I just haven’t decided yet.  But regardless of the reason I have landed in the Void, I find it a much more satisfying experience when I can simply allow myself to BE there.  If I can simply dance with the Void, allowing myself to be moved by Cherish the dance with the void - biggerwhatever internal melody fills my soul, I know that eventually I will move beyond the vagueness of the Void and once again relish in the feeling of passion and purpose that I so enjoy.

The Void is not a barren space, devoid of life.  Rather is it the exuberance of Life simply awaiting your decision.  It is the conglomerate of every potential awaiting your clarity of desire to set it all into motion once again.

So the next time you find yourself unsure of which path to take or what direction to go, if you feel vague and in limbo, celebrate where you are.  Embrace the Void.  Dance with the Void as you realize that it is merely waiting for you to choose.  Cherish the dance with the Void because it is the birthplace of expansion.  It is creation itself.

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Transcendental Peace

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In the midst of the stories, dramas, and chaos of our lives, I think we all crave peace.  If you’re like me, Breathe in Peaceyou’ve experienced episodes of this peace at various times in your life.  Some were short and fleeting, others perhaps longer lasting.  I’d like to share with you a recent experience of peace that was simply divine.

I’m not sure that the impetus for this experience really matters, but to create a context, I was with friends watching a televised dialogue between two present-day spiritual teachers.  We were expecting a wonderful experience, and I was more than pleased by what unfolded for me.

Honestly, I don’t even remember the words that were exchanged as I watched and listened to this dialogue.  I do remember feeling supremely connected to my Source, a powerful feeling of Oneness.  I found myself knowing the answers to the questions being posed even before they were offered.  I felt an acceptance, a belonging that transcended time and space.

As I sat in this space of peace, I realized how easy life truly can be if we but allow it.  I knew with a definite certainty that all of the things happening in my life WILL unfold with grace and ease if I just line up with them.  That’s it.  It IS that simple.  It’s merely a matter of releasing all of the reasons that I’m holding onto that say it can’t be that way.

In those moments, I experienced a peace that transported me beyond the confines of this life, of this self I know as Sue.  I was so much more than all of that.  And I knew in those moments that all I’ve asked for already exists, is already mine.  All I have to do is line up with it all.  All I have to do is ALLOW.

In those moments, this sense of peace transcended my life and I knew.  I KNEW.

Back in the midst of the stories and drama of my life, I’m holding onto that knowing, that transcendental peace.  I believe that what I experienced WAS real – and that all I have to do is line up with all that I’ve asked for.  With grace and ease.


My thanks and appreciation to Jordan Blackstone of www.imaginethatjbphotography.com for permission to use her photograph.

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The Sacred Soul

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Many tools are available to help connect us to our inner guidance, our divine essence, our soul.  Whatever term you prefer, they all refer to that broader, timeless, non-physical aspect of ourselves, and that aspect of us is continually offering guidance, support, and unconditional love.  The only question becomes are we listening?

My personal journey has brought me, once again, to the powerful and healing energy of the Akashic Records.  I say “again” because this energy is familiar to me, it calls to me and I delight every single time I’m invited to share in it with my clients.  This is energy which I have accessed in other lifetimes.  Now, not only has my journey brought me back to the records for personal growth, but I also share Akashic Record Readings with clients from around the world.

Your Akashic Record 2The Akashic Records, if you’re not familiar, are the vibrational records of each soul’s journey through all of time.  They contain the history of all humanity – past, present, and future.  In the Bible, the records are referred to as The Book of Life.

As with any great body of information, there are many ways and means of accessing the knowledge contained therein.  Through a prayer process, I have been granted access into the heart of the records – the area of information that pertains to who you are at a core and fundamental level.  From this space, I am given information to help my clients remember who they are and what they’ve come into this life to experience.

Though each and every forray into the unconditional love that is the energy of the records is unique and special, a number of experiences appear to be universal.

1. The energy upon which the history of humanity is written as the Akashic Records is unconditional love.  When it is said that love unites us all, no truer words could be spoken.  Love IS the energy of which all things are made.

2.  Every soul is sacred.  In the space of unconditional love, no judgment exists.  Judgment is a human construct, an effort to assign meaning and significance to life experiences within the framework of the mind.  The fundamental truth is that every soul is an aspect of the divine, living out a human experience, but divine and sacred all the same.

3.  We are always connected to our divine Source.  It is only our awareness of our connection that fluctuates.  We alone are responsible for allowing or dis-allowing our connection through our thoughts, beliefs and perceptions, but the connection is always available.

Journeying into the records is like sharing an intimate dance with our soul.  We are enfolded in our soul’s loving embrace.  We are refreshed and renewed as we allow the life-giving peace and love of Source to fill, nurture and sustain us.  We are empowered by remembering our divine and sacred heritage.  We once again, at least for a short time, re-member the experience of BEING Love as we stand in union with our sacred self, our soul.

I invite you to experience the gift of this intimate dance and reunion with your soul.  Readings are offered by phone or Skype and are recorded for you convenience.  Readings last between 60 and 90 minutes and currently cost $150.  To schedule your own reading, please contact me at sue@soulspeaking.net. I look forward to the honor and privilege of greeting your soul through the unconditional love of the Akashic Records.

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