Walking Between Two Worlds

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Have you ever been somewhere – for the first time even – and felt an overwhelming connection to the place?  Did you feel your heart swell and your Spirit soar simply from being there?  Did you experience an illogical sense of coming home, of being able to navigate streets with only minimal directions, of being comfortable even though you’ve never been there before?  I have – and that place is Salt Lake City, Utah.

To me, Salt Lake City is a place that fills me up and makes my heart sing.  It is a place filled with magic, discovery and awe.  It is a place that speaks to my Soul, and I love what it’s saying!

My love affair with SLC began a few years ago.  I first visited the city to exhibit at a huge scrapbooking expo.  Immediately, I was struck by the majestic vistas that surround the city.  Everywhere I looked, I saw the magnificent mountains flanking the valley in which SLC quietly sits.  The city itself is laid out on a grid of streets centered on the Temple of the Mormon Church – a beautiful piece of architecture replete with spires and towers reaching towards the heavens with an almost fairy-tale castle appearance.

In the years since my first visit to SLC, I’ve been blessed by the friendship of a very dear woman.  We share a bond and a friendship that transcends the boundaries of time, for certainly we’ve known each other before.  We’re here now together to support the discovery and exploration of an even greater aspect of ourselves.  We’re sharing this pivotal experience of awakening to our true natures, to our intimate connection to Source, to God.

It was in SLC that I experienced my first psychic reading with a man who has played another pivotal role in my relationship to SLC.  Ross is a gifted psychic, tarot card reader and life coach, and it is always a joy for me to see him, as we’ve done each time I return to this beloved place.  From the beginning, Ross supported my interest in my psychic inclinations, confirming my suspicions that I am “one of us,” as he put it.

My last two visits to SLC involved an 18+ hour drive each way.  Instead of being drained and tired by the endless hours behind the wheel, my spirit soared higher and higher the closer I got to SLC.  The terrain gradually became more mountainous the further west I drove.  It looked barren, but only to the casual observer.  On closer inspection, I began to see the wildlife that abounds in the open expanses of Wyoming.  Coyote, pronghorn antelope, even elk, roam freely over the open range.  Each glimpse of wildlife left me feeling like I’d been given a gift – a chance to share in the secrets held dear to Mother Earth.  And my spirit began to expand, just as the vista opened farther and farther until I felt like I was driving across the top of the world.  The magic had begun.

My latest visit to SLC held even more surprises and magic than I’d come to expect from each trip.  As always, my energy was high, my mood joyous.  Arriving at my friend’s house, I announced only half-jokingly, “Honey, I’m home!”  Though we’d not talked much over the past year, our friendship picked up right where we’d left it – the time-lapse was inconsequential.  She opens her home unconditionally to me, including me in her family as if I’ve always been a part of it – as indeed it feels I have.  She is but one part of my strong connection to this wondrous place.

The most amazing part of this trip will always feel magical to me.  Something inside me was ignited – a flame, a passion that has long lain dormant.  This passion burst forth and completely rocked my world.  If I thought I knew a passion for life before, it was pale in comparison to this newfound one!  I’m awed, humbled and amazed by the depth of this feeling.  And while it’s new, it is also familiar – like a part of me that has been locked away for years.

This experience colored all of the rest of my trip with even brighter lights and bolder colors – for surely now anything was truly possible!  What a gift!  And how fitting that it was SLC that offered it to me.

Added to the magic I’d already experienced on this trip were even more surprises as I listened to and participated in an audio training course during my drive home.  The audio course was on accessing the Akashic Records – vibrational records of each soul and its journey through all of time.  Even though part of my attention was occupied by driving, the rest of me was free to cross the boundaries of time and space to experience parts of myself from times long past.  I found answers to questions about horrible events in this lifetime and gained an understanding about integrating these lessons.  I found peace and forgiveness.

Eventually, I returned home, to this place I live and the family I love.  But nothing can ever be the same because my life has been touched, because I returned home a different person.  How does one touch the heavens and then again walk the earth?

So now I endeavor to integrate the magic I experienced in SLC into my everyday life – and I feel as if I’m walking between two worlds.  I still feel the power of this magical experience, this amazing trip to SLC.  I have only to close my eyes to once again relive the power of it all.  Part of me wants to stay there in the magic.  But then I open my eyes and I want to bring that magic into my everyday world.  Somehow I’ll find a way to do just that!

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Your Divine Right

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As a spiritual being, as a reflection of our Divine Source, God, the Universe (use whichever term feels right for you), it is our divine right to create the life of our choosing.

Immediately, I can feel the resistance people are going to have to my statement.

“Do you mean to say that I’ve created my job loss, this economic recession, illness, tragedy and death (fill in the blank with your biggest complaint)?”

Ultimately, YES, you’ve created this life that you’re living.  Have you done so consciously?  Maybe, maybe not.  More than likely, you’re living this life by default, following the path someone else said you should take, following the rules established by someone else, obliging some unknown “they” by becoming what “they” said you should become.  Giving away your power of creation does not make you less responsible for the choices in your life.

At this point in our human history, we’re at an unprecedented precipice.  The masses are opening their eyes to the power we each hold in our souls – the power of God to create, heal and love unconditionally.  We are each on the brink of recognizing and acknowledging the direct connection our soul has to God, to each other, to all in the Universe.  Are you willing to open your eyes to fully claim your divinity?

As humans, we each carry the record and memory of our human existence.  Our soul knows the trials and tribulations we’ve journeyed through on this road to accepting and embracing our divine nature.  We are now able to allow these difficulties to rise to the surface, to acknowledge them, and release them once and for all.  Each time we do this, our vibration becomes higher and our inner light shines brighter.

I’m so excited to be waking up at this time in mankind’s ascension process.  I would be honored to help you uncover those thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that are holding you back from fully experiencing the life you desire.  Together we can examine the emotional blockages that keep you feeling stuck and out of control.  Isn’t it about time you start loving the life you’re living?

If you are interested in finding out how an Akashic Record Reading with me, Sue Krebs, can help provide the clarity, insight and guidance to create from a place of love rather than fear, please contact me at sue@soulspeaking.net.  Readings are available by phone or Skype, cost $150 for 60 – 90 minutes, and are recorded for your convenience.

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Releasing the Fear

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I woke this morning with a heavy sense of dread.  Fear.  I could feel its uncomfortable weight pinning me down.  What was it, and where had it come from?

As I lay there in bed, trying to determine where this fear had come from, my thoughts flew to the large debt that my business owes the bank.  How was I going to make the payments?  What could I do to bring in cash?  Would I be able to bring in enough money to cover the payments?  What if I couldn’t?  You get the idea – the questions flew at me faster and faster, and my fear grew!

Eventually, I crawled out of bed, grabbed a couple of my favorite crystals, and sat down to meditate – hoping to let go of this fear.  Focusing on my breathing brought some relief, but my stomach was still knotted and my mind still raced with unanswerable questions.  I still hadn’t let go of this unwanted fear.

In my office, I picked up a new deck of Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.  I prayed to find some relief from this fear.  How could I release this financial panic that had me in its clutches this morning?

While playing with the cards, twice I pulled the “Vacuum Away Fear” card.  I KNOW that was no coincidence.  My angels were still with me, showing me in a very practical way how to release my fears.

The oracle cards guidebook explained a process whereby you ask Archangels Michael and Raphael to use a spiritual vacuum hose inserted into your crown chakra to suck out all toxic, fear-based or entity energy.  You allow this to continue until the body feels clear and calm.  You then ask the archangels to fill your body with their diamond-bright white light to heal and protect, and finally thank them for this healing.


The weight is gone.  Those fear-based thoughts are no longer racing through my mind.  Thank you, Universe, for showing me how to let them go!

Are they gone forever?  Probably not.  But the important lesson for me is to remember that fear is NOT my natural state.  I CAN release fear to once again reach a place of calmness.  My financial obligations are still there, but now I am open to receiving guidance about how to achieve my goals.  My fears cut me off from that.

Once again, I’m back on course, curious to see what else the day will bring.

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Enough is NOW

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Once again, I am awed by the synchronicity of life.  While I’ve been busily attending to Albums & Answers, my scrapbooking business, this past month, I’ve also been gathering energy and learning lessons to move me on to the next step of my spiritual growth.  Nothing happens without a reason.  Again, I am seeing the truth of that statement played out in my life.

Psychically I’ve felt that I’ve been stalled – not really in a rut, but not moving in any discernible direction either.  I’m feeling more in tune with my intuition – but still frustrated that I haven’t been able to tune in “on demand”.  In my understanding, that’s the difference between being intuitive and being psychic – one happens at random times, the other happens when you stop to listen.  I see now that again, I’ve been integrating what I’ve been studying and learning.  It’s been part of my process – learning to allow myself to open up.

For Albums & Answers, I’ve driven over 9000 miles in the past 6 weeks.  That translates into lots of hours with not much to do but follow the white lines.  With all of that “quiet time”, my mind wanders to spiritual topics, to angels and messages from beyond.  I love to play games with my angels who send me signs with the number “27” or “127”.  Often, I would laugh out loud at how those number would show up – over and over again!  So while I was the only one physically in my truck, I was never really alone.

Couple that bone-deep knowing with synchronistically reading about past life regressions and having an experience while reading my own Akashic record which helped explain my psychic blocks, and I’m ready to admit that the only thing standing in my way is ME.  While I’ve acknowledged this before, the lesson seems to have gone deeper this time to the point that I truly FEEL it.

So what does any of this have to do with deciding that “Enough is NOW”?

It has everything to do with ACCEPTING that I have everything I need right NOW to allow my psychic gifts and skills.  I CAN see the unseen and hear the unheard.  I CAN access my psychic gifts at will and use them to help other people.  There’s no more waiting for “something” to make it happen or make the time right.  There is no certification or class I need to give me permission to step into my ability to serve others who are seeking to open their eyes to the answers they carry within themselves.  I am here to serve, and I fully accept that mantle.

There is nothing else I need to wait for – nothing else that needs to happen other than my fully opening myself to this next step.  While part of me shudders in fear at what this could possibly mean, I still willingly step into this next phase of my psychic development.

Bring it on!  “Enough” is RIGHT NOW, and I am so ready.

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Standing in My Own Way – but a little bit less every day

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I love when Spirit puts messages in my path.  Well, actually, since Spirit is doing that all of the time, I love when I’m aware enough to notice the messages!

I’ve been on a quest for the past 9 months to grow spiritually and to develop my intuitive gifts.  Actually, my spiritual quest has been going on a lot longer than that.  I guess I started about 9 months ago to develop psychically.  Wasn’t I surprised to realize that psychic communication and spiritual communication are in fact one in the same?  What an “Aha Moment” when these two pursuits melded into one!

So my greatest desire lately has been to see and hear psychically.  You know – see pictures and images sent as messages from Spirit to me and to others, to see my guides and angels, to hear the voices of my guides and angels, and even to hear others’ guides and angels so that I can help others on their own spiritual quests.

To write that desire down, I realize how “out there” it sounds.  Do I seriously want to hear voices and see things?  Don’t people think I’m weird enough without being accused of being crazy too?  It’s probably one of those “be careful what you wish for” situations.

However, as I continue along my journey, striving to strengthen and increase my communication with the spirit world, I’ve come to realize a few important things.

First of all, I’m already communicating with Spirit – or rather, Spirit is already communicating with me.  It always has been.  It’s never been a matter of my “becoming psychic” – I’ve always had that ability (as you have too).  It’s more a matter of conscious awareness – isn’t that the case with most things spiritual?  Degrees of awareness.

So my ability to see and hear comes down to an ability to discern and listen.  Spirit is subtle.  That’s one of the biggest “Aha’s” I’ve had.  Spirit is quiet, and the messages come quickly – gone in an instant.  So if  you’re not watching carefully, you’re not sure the message was even there.  It’s easy to chalk it up to imagination.

But, it’s important that Spirit be subtle and quiet for a couple of reasons.  First, Spirit always respects our Free Will.  It will never force us to take one path versus another.  Spirit merely guides us, offering suggestions.  It is always our choice whether to follow that guidance or not.  The second reason that Spirit comes to us quietly is so that it can simply be another layer of our existence, another dimension coexisting with our physical reality.  Spirit needs not overpower our lives, but it is always available to us should we choose to open ourselves to it.

The other big realization I’ve had regarding my communicating with Spirit is that it’s not as much an act of “doing” something as it is the state of “being” something.  Being psychic, which simply means actively tapping into the energy all around us, is not something we do but something we are.  It’s a lifestyle.

Someone recently told me that my interest in the paranormal is merely a phase that I’m going through, something I’ll eventually outgrow.  Perhaps.   I don’t think so though.  My interest in developing my psychic gifts and growing spiritually is entwined in the very fabric of my life.  Once we know something, we can’t “un-know” it.  I now see how powerful I become when I embrace my spiritual self, the part of me that connects me to every other living thing and to Divine Source, to God.  I don’t ever want to let that knowing go!

It still amazes me that what I thought began as an intellectual exercise to “learn how to be psychic” has really become a lifestyle of living from Spirit.  And the only thing standing between me and the attainment of my desire is me.

Each day as I grow in awareness and trust, I move closer and closer to my goal.  As I accept and embrace my spiritual nature, I become more of the spiritual being I desire.  I become more of All That I Am and All That Is.  What could be a more meaningful pursuit in life?

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Moving On

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Relationships serve many purposes in our lives.  Some people come into our lives for a particular purpose, and when that purpose is fulfilled, the relationship ends.  Personally, I’ve experienced this twice in the past few years in relation to my business.  Even though I can truly see and understand that these relationships filled a specific need in my life, answered a specific prayer, I still struggled to release them when their purpose had obviously been served.

Through time, I slowly moved on, finding new experiences and new people to fill my life.  With the perspective that hind-sight affords, I see just how perfectly these relationships answered my prayers at those times and when my needs or direction changed, the relationships dissolved.

Letting them go is still hard for me.  And it’s harder still when I’m still engaged in the relationship to determine whether it’s truly time to let it go and move on.

I’m in the middle of another of those “Moving On” situations.  This relationship is personal, not business related, and that makes the waters muddier for me.  The clear distinction of having fulfilled its purpose is not there – at least it’s not clear to me.

This relationship has provided lessons for me about my soul’s purpose, growth, and boundaries.  While it has helped me to clarify what I’m about and the gifts and talents I have to offer others, it has also shown me where I still have to grow in loving and accepting myself.  Now I’ve come to a place where the relationship creates a feeling of resentment, misunderstanding and being taken advantage of.  Knowing that life is but a reflection of what I’m putting out there, I see that I am the one overlooking my needs.  I am the one who is giving to the point of being resentful and feeling taken advantage of.  I am the one responsible for ignoring my personal boundaries and neglecting my needs.  I am the one who has chosen to remain silent and not voice my feelings and needs.

I accept fully my responsibility in creating this situation which now gives me the opportunity to take care of myself.  It has become clear that I cannot continue to participate in this relationship without feeling my resentment.  It’s time for me to walk away.

Why does that feel like a failure at some level?  I hear messages like, “If you were the better person, you wouldn’t let the relationship get under your skin.  You’d just take it for what it is.”  That may be true – for some goal to work towards, for some more forgiving and understanding place to live from.  But to “should” myself for where I am right now and how I feel right now also feels like a disservice.

The best I can do it to authentically express and live from where I am right now.  So for today, I resolve to forgive myself for not being more accepting.  I forgive the other participant in this relationship for the hurt I’ve felt.  Actually, I feel grateful to this person for teaching me more about who I am.

Perhaps that was the whole point from the beginning.

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The Facets of Multi-dimensional Living

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Take a raw, uncut diamond rock from the ground and what have you got?  Potential.  You hold within your hands the potential of a million possibilities.

Like the diamond in the rough, our Soul enters this Earth as a chance to be cut, polished and refined into a gem of immeasurable beauty, depth and grace.  So too our Souls undertake the laborious, and at times painful, process of having additional facets added to our multi-dimensional selves.

As each facet adds another surface to reflect off of, bringing greater beauty to the eyes of the beholder.  So too these additional dimensions that are being added to our Souls will reflect back an even greater glory of our God, our Source of All That Is.

In the end, after all of the cutting, polishing, and grinding, our Soul has not been changed into something else.  A diamond is still a diamond, after all.  But each new dimension will bring added sparkle and value to our lives.

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Divine Timing

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I’m doing all of the things that self-help gurus suggest – I’m maintaining a positive outlook (most of the time).  Every day I’m doing something for my soul’s growth.  I’m facing my fears and wading through the muck that dredges up.  I’m using the Law of Attraction – and seeing small successes.  I’m meditating and tuning in to my guides and angels for guidance.  So why then isn’t my financial abundance, psychic sight (you fill in the blank) happening yet?!

This interesting, but subtle, question has been niggling my brain.  How do I tell the difference between needing to be or do something to attract my desires and needing to allow things to come to me in Divine Timing?

It feels like I’ve been banging my head on this one for a while.  In an attempt to end the futility of continued head-banging, I’m committing this place, this experience to words and paper.  Perhaps then I’ll find my peace about it.

It seems to me that at times we can “do” or “be” everything absolutely perfectly, and still our desire eludes us.  So is it that we’re doing something “wrong”?

Basically, I decided that “No, we’re not doing something wrong.”  All of the pieces simply aren’t in place yet.  And sometimes, they’re not even our pieces to do anything with.

Sometimes we’re in the midst of a learning curve or perhaps our physical bodies are undergoing changes in order to ready us for receiving our desire.  Sometimes we simply have to wait, trusting God and the Universe to orchestrate everything perfectly.  Haven’t we already seen how perfectly God handles things?  Completion of this great desire is no different.

It will come in God’s time.  Diving Timing.

While it’s frustrating to not have what we want RIGHT now, we have to acknowledge that it’s a matter of perspective.  Perhaps there’s a cost we can’t see from where we’re standing.  Perhaps other undesirable things would happen if we were to receive our desire right now.

For me, it’s been boiled back down to TRUST.  I must trust the Universe to grant my desire in the best possible way.  I must trust my guidance to focus on my path even it it’s not bringing me what I think I want above everything else.

It will come.  I know this.  In Divine Timing.

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The Art of Allowing

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In this pursuit of spiritual awakening, we strive to attain what we desire.  We seek to move forward.  And somehow yet again, we slip back into the ego’s attempt to control the method of attaining.  How do we slip so smoothly and unknowingly back into the methods of the mind?

Surely, part of our process is to remain mindful of our thoughts and actions.  Our emotions, too, give clues as to whether we’re still heart-centered or if we’ve slipped unconsciously back to an ego-centered place.  The clues are there – the key is to keep reading them, paying attention to how we feel and gauging whether this is who we Truly Are.  When the emotions hurt, chances are pretty good that we’re operating from the ego – and it’s not getting what it wants.

Why then is it so hard to let go of the hurt feelings to move from the ego to the heart?  Simply put, it is survival.  Humanity has spent hundreds if not thousands of years controlling and manipulating its environment for the purpose of survival.  Certainly it is no small feat to ask the mind to forego its perceived control of this experience.  Even with evidence that we are guided and supported by unseen forces, the mind is no more willing to give up control.

So – back to those desires, pursuing what we want.  How do we convince the ego to relinquish its grip of control?  Baby steps.  Only by taking small steps, one at a time, can we reassure our egos that All Is Well even if the ego isn’t micromanaging our steps.

Each day we must practice the Art of Allowing life to unfold in front of us rather than trying to force our path to follow the direction our mind sees.  Of course, we always have the option of giving control back to our ego, our mind, but that path is often fraught with resistance and difficulty.

Instead, I encourage you to stop and breathe.  Breathe your Spirit back into your body.  Breathe in the life, joy and bliss of being in tune with all of creation.  Then ask, “What path shall I follow today?”  Listen with your heart.

Until this becomes a natural process, it does feel awkward and even a bit scary.  When our mind cannot know the details, it fears danger – and insists that we stop.  The art of allowing life to unfold is about trusting life, God, the Universe to provide for us, to know that we will be guided and protected.

Little by little, day by day, it gets easier to allow life to happen.  And with it comes unimaginable joy.  By choosing to let go of the ego’s control of our life, we are choosing to live from the Spirit – and Spirit is from whence all blessings flow.

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Crystal Clarity

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Occasionally, during the long winter months in Minnesota, atmospheric conditions converge to create the spectacular ice frost known as “hoar-frost.”  When fog settles over the countryside and the temperature is just right, the water vapor begins to freeze to everything it touches.  The ice crystals grow and grow until they resemble an icy lace, coating the edges of trees, bushes, plants and fences.  The results are spectacular!

Usually by mid-day, the fog lifts to be replaced by a brilliant blue sky.  The contrast of these large crystals against the winter blue sky is nothing short of breathtaking.

Just the day before this magical winter display, I experienced a personal moment of crystal clarity.  It was one of those “AHA” moments of such magnitude that it stayed with me throughout the next day.

Lately, I’ve wrestled with a relationship that has left me feeling used and taken advantage of.  I’ve struggled with feelings of hurt, resentment and abandonment.  And my feelings were complicated by the fact that my friend had unknowingly created this situation whirling around and around in my head.  I knew she had not intentionally hurt me, but knowing this didn’t make me feel any less wounded.

After finally writing pages and pages in my journal to validate and release my pain, I was blessed with a knowing deep within the core of my being.  I KNEW I was loved, whole and complete.  But this was so much more powerful than simply knowing this in my head.  I experienced this knowing in every cell of my body, in every dimension of my being.  In that moment I felt God – and it was utterly amazing, breathtaking, and astounding.  I’ve never felt such deep peace and love and contentment.

I realized that everything that I’d been seeking from my friend was already there inside me.  I did not need anything from anyone because I was complete, whole.  It occurred to me that my relationships are not to give me something but to show me what I already have through my connection to God, to Source.

This feeling of complete-ness stayed with me into the next day.  I saw the world through eyes of love and non-judgment.  People shined with joy, the world shimmered with love (and a beautiful display of hoar-frost).

I feel blessed to have been granted a taste of seeing life from this heart-centered place.  By being connected to this Source of Love, I felt above, unaffected by, the dramas of daily life.  What an amazing experience!

The most astounding part of this experience for me was seeing that the words we study create an intellectual experience of love, acceptance, One-ness.  What I felt was not a thought but an immersion in the concept – every cell of my body knew and resonated this love.

People I met that next day, friends I haven’t seen in years, commented that I looked fabulous.  I know, however, that they weren’t seeing me.  They saw my Spirit basking in the new-found place of love.

What a holy moment – this moment of crystal clarity, this understanding of the Love which we are.  I am ever so grateful for this experience of being love.  I now believe that this is the state in which we strive to walk every day.  From this place of love, truly all things are possible.

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