Wallowing in the Muck

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The Law of Attraction.  Positive Thinking.  Sharing the love and shining the light.  All wonderful, powerful and uplifting thoughts.  But what about those days when you get out of bed crabby and no matter what you do, you just can’t shake that feeling?  My spiritual journey has been one of awakening – opening my eyes to the power I have to create my experience.  I accept, believe and own that mantle of responsibility.  Even still, some things catch me off guard.  Yesterday was one of those days.

I even know what triggered the mood.  My son broke a brand new digital camera.  He didn’t apologize.  He didn’t even completely own that he broke it.  He dropped it and his assessment was that “it’s possible that it’s my fault.”  Ya think?!

My husband became furious, but he completely bottled it up.  Being near him felt a little like sitting on a volcano and wondering when it was going to erupt.  This bottled anger found a release when he started lamenting about our financial situation, a frustrating and overwhelming topic – one with no quick or easy answers.

So I got stuck!  I felt frustrated by my son’s carelessness and my husband’s decision to not make my son replace the broken camera with his own money.  I sunk deeper into the muck as I considered that he didn’t support my desire to allow natural consequences teach my son what could be a valuable lesson.  Not only that, but since I used my credit card points to buy the camera in the first place, I felt like it was my loss by not having the camera replaced.  Heck, I could have spent those points on something I wanted rather than on something for the kids or the family.  The muck just got deeper.

Wallowing in this frustration, unable to shift to a more loving and better feeling place, I brought up more things to feel frustrated about.  I thought of the friend who apparently only needs me when something in her life seems broken.  The muck got deeper.

I tried to step out of it and away from it by shopping.  That didn’t really help.  I took the dogs for a long walk.  The fresh air and exercise let in glimpses of a better feeling place, but they didn’t completely chase the blues away.

Music.  Reaching out to friends.  A good night’s sleep.  More music.  Caring comments from loving friends.  And today the muck is mostly gone.

It’s tough though, I’ll tell you, to reach for that higher feeling place when the muck is sucking at your feet, holding you firmly in place.   Sometimes we just have to acknowledge that “Yes, Indeed, we’re stuck in the muck!”

I think it helps to be kind when we find ourselves stuck like this.  Certainly, berating ourselves for feeling what we are or giving ourselves messages that we “should” be feeling something else only adds power to the hold that the muck already has.  Some days, we just need to allow ourselves to experience whatever it is that we find ourselves feeling.

I’ll be the first to admit that wallowing in the muck with feelings of frustration, inadequacy and angst is not a fun place to be.  However, aren’t these feelings too part of our human experience?  To deny part of our nature tends to negate the rest of it too.  So rather than deny – allow.  Sometimes the quickest way past something is forging straight through it.

Once on the other side – in an hour, a day or a couple days – we can look back to see what gift this experience offers us.  It’s always there – some reason to be grateful that we allowed ourselves time to just be in the muck.  What gift did you find?

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Green Lights and Parking Spaces

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So often we hear the saying, “It’s the little things in life that matter.”  In our quest for spiritual growth and development, this statement could not be more true.  For while we seek those “Aha” moments, most of our spiritual understanding comes from the subtle nudges and quiet urgings of our spirit.

The spirit world, not bound by the dense energies of our third dimensional physicality, often sees no need for loud or obnoxious messages.  Spirit is content with quietly whispering in our ear or sending subtle messages in the form of frequently seen number patterns.  The trick for us then is to remain open to receiving these quiet messages.

My angels often remind me of their presence by showing me the numbers 27 or 127.  I’ll glance at the clock only to see that the time is 3:27, or I’ll be following a car whose license plate includes the number 127.  Have you noticed any numbers repeatedly showing up for you?

When I began pursuing my spiritual awakening consciously, a psychic encouraged me to play with electrical energy by trying to make all traffic lights green.  At first I wondered what was the point.  So what if I could “make” the lights be green.  As I studied more spiritual ideas, I learned about the power of setting intentions and focusing on believing that the desired outcome is already fulfilled.  So I played more with “intending” all the traffic lights to be green or “intending” to find an empty parking space in the front row or closest to my destination.

Gradually, I’ve begun to understand that the goal of this exercise was not one of learning to control outcomes but one of recognizing messages and guidance.  By tuning into the energy of the traffic lights, I am opening myself to and becoming aware of subtle energy differences.  These minute nuances of energy are indeed the realm of the spiritual.

So now, green traffic lights make me smile because I know that my angels are with me.  I see that they are not only sending me reassuring messages of their presence, but also confirming that they are always with me, paving the way to make my journey easier.  And when I pull up to the post office to find an adjacent parking space available for me, I remember that my angels and guides will always point to the path in the direction of my Highest Good.  With such heavenly assistance, I truly feel blessed to be alive in these momentous times.

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Eyes Open Wide

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Today ushers in a brand new year, full of possibilities and potentialities.  What will you do with it?  What will you allow to hold you back from grabbing onto your dreams?

I’ve never been big on New Year’s Resolutions, but this year I’m going to make resolutions – set mindful intentions for making my dreams a reality in 2010.  I’m going to make plans to create a financially abundant year so that I’m free to pursue greater education in the healing arts.  What do you want to accomplish this year?

We DO have a choice, you know.  We can actively create our lives – filled with magical moments, clarity of purpose and vision, and strategic action.  We can move in alignment with our Soul’s purpose where Life flows freely, effortlessly, easily.  Or we can resist – and find discord, dissonance and frustration.  I for one choose to always seek my path, following the direction of my heart and the knowing of my soul.  I choose to walk with my eyes open wide – open to the possibilities that God will give to me.

Will you walk with me this year?  Together we can uncover the mysteries of our souls, find the passion of our hearts and uncover the desires of our lives.  Together, we WILL create the life we crave.

This year I choose to meet Life as my playground, limited ONLY by my creative vision.  I choose to see Life’s possibilities all around me.  I choose to embrace Life fully and face it openly and honestly.

I choose to walk with my eyes open wide.

Won’t you join me?

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Tune In!

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The first big snowfall of the season always feels magical to me.  The wonder of watching the flakes silently dropping to the ground, muffling all sound.  The gentle softness as brown gradually gives way to the blanketing white.  Such joy to just watch the snow fall.

When was the last time that you took a moment to tune into what makes you smile or brings you joy?  It becomes especially hectic this time of year as we drive ourselves to frenzy – all in the name of Holiday Spirit.  But what is YOUR Spirit craving?

Our Spirits are trying to get our attention all of the time!  We’re constantly given messages, symbols and guidance but they all go unnoticed unless we TUNE IN!

So, how do we tune in to these messages from the spirit realm?  How can we change our focus to receive these nudges from our Higher Selves?


First and foremost, we have to SLOW DOWN and BREATHE!  If we’re not present in the moment (read: our minds are racing through the to-do list, planning dinner, scheduling the car pool), we are sure to pass right over that quiet voice of spirit showing us how utterly loved we truly are and directing us to the solutions we seek!


We have to start walking through life with our eyes open wide.  Watch for those signs and signals from Spirit.  When we’re wondering what to get our spouse for Christmas and then we see a commercial for a particular tool we know they’d like, that is probably a sign from your Spirit giving you a suggestion for that gift.

No detail of our daily life is too mundane for our Higher Self.  Go ahead and ask for help in dealing with fighting kids or problems with homework, finances, business, love – none of it is off limits.  Our Spirits are just WAITING for us to ask for help so that they can jump in and make our lives easier while affirming what divine and holy Beings we are.

Life becomes a series of unexpected surprises, joyful surprises when we allow ourselves to tune into the moment and just BE!  In this holiday season overflowing with things to do – give yourself a wonderful gift and just BE.  Stop and really see what’s in front of you.  Allow yourself to marvel over the magic of Christmas lights twinkling on the pine trees or children squealing in delight over a much wanted toy in the window.  Savor the magic of this season – and enjoy the gift of nurturing your Spirit.

Loving your Spirit is a gift that continues to give all year long.  Tune in and enjoy the magic for truly you are Divine, and you are Loved!


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Withholding Judgment

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Sometimes it’s hard to understand the choices we see other people make, especially those close to us.  We may think, “Don’t they understand how foolish this course of action is?  Can’t they see that they’ll just end up getting hurt?”  What we have to remember, though, is that no matter what we’re looking at, we can ONLY see it through our OWN lens.  Not theirs.

We’re making a judgment call that our choice is the better one – for them.  Obviously, that must not be the case – or everyone else would be doing exactly what we’re doing.  Right?

Underlying those questions is another judgment – one that assumes that pain should be avoided.  But is that really the best scenario?  Isn’t it through fire that our spirit is challenged and grows?  Would we deny our friends and loved ones their own opportunities for growth and expansion?

Of course those questions stem from what we “think” is best for our loved ones, but sometimes life is not best lead by the head but by the spirit.  Our soul knows what lessons it has come to this physical lifetime to experience.  Who are we to pass judgment on the lessons someone else has chosen to experience?

It’s just as easy to turn our judgmental tendencies inward, blaming and chastising ourselves for our perceived failures and shortcomings.  We can all relate to the depression and frustration that results from such actions.

But isn’t there another more constructive, and possibly more comfortable, way to frame our perspective?  What if we were to view ALL of life’s experiences as just that – life experiences?

What if we were to remove the assignment of “good” or “bad”, “right” or “wrong”?  Aren’t those just subjective truths, anyway?  Without a benchmark of right or wrong, good or bad, we are left without any comparison to judge our actions against.  They simply become actions.

Now we can observe them as just another experience in a lifelong string of experiences.  Things become “good” or “bad” simply because we declare them to be such.  So once we stop declaring them that way, we are free to see the gift that EACH experience offers us.

While we may decide that we enjoy certain experiences more than other, that does not make them “better” than those other.  Just more enjoyable.

Today, think about how easy it is to cast judgments – on someone else, on yourself.  And ask yourself, “Isn’t this a life experience also?”  Free yourself from the burden of judging your actions – and allow yourself to EXPERIENCE life.  It just might surprise you what you discover about yourself once you stop casting judgments.

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Opening to the Possibilities

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Trust!  What a powerful vibration to move into…

In that moment when we are quiet and connected to our Source, to God – it’s so easy to KNOW that we are provided for, that we are unconditionally loved, that we are part of something so magnificent and so grand that it defies words.  The trick lies in remembering to connect, in carrying that connection throughout the day.

When we TRUST, we begin to see daily occurrences with new eyes.  We see the synchronicities that unfold, the coincidences that can be none other than loving Divine Intervention on our behalf.  We begin to see the power of our creative forces.  WE are creators of our circumstances – and in the wonder of that lies the power of possibilities.

Trust also brings with it the knowing that we are only responsible for the desire, for casting our intention to the Universe, to praying to God.  The granting of that prayer, the manifesting of that intention are up to God and the Universe.  The outcome is NOT our responsibility.

When we remember that, when we open our eyes, knowing that the Universe will lovingly support us – we find that God provides us with opportunities that we could barely begin to imagine.  In this lies the magic of life, the wonder of the Universe.

Today I challenge you to see before you the vast array of possibilities.  Open yourself to accept that the Universe can bring to you the object of your desire in unimaginably beautiful ways.  Today, ask God to surprise you.

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