Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a very old healing energy.  Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Force Energy.  It’s the name given to this energy by Usui, a Japanese man who brought this information back to us.  Long, long ago, in ancient civilizations, everyone knew how to channel this energy – and used it to maintain health and well-being.  This knowledge was lost – until Usui  brought it back.

In the late 1800s (I believe) Usui embarked on a spiritual quest – a 40 day pilgrimage up a mountainside.  At the end of his pilgrimage, he was given the symbols and information about this energy, and he named it Reiki.  It’s also known by other names, like Chi, Prana, etc.  It’s the energy that gives life to all things.  He began teaching others this information and passing it on through attunements.

By receiving an “attunement” from a reiki master (teacher), one is then able to channel this powerful healing through their hands to help heal, relax, and  restore balance.  The attunement can be thought of as having your reiki switched turned on.  A student receives information about the reiki symbols, which until the late 1990’s was kept secret and considered sacred  information.  As with many spiritual traditions, times are changing and this information is now more readily available to the masses.  However, this remains a sacred process – and requires respect and an honoring of the system.

Today there is the traditional lineage of reiki practitioners – who can trace their training directly back to Usui himself.  However, this path has been quite expensive.  Another non-traditional lineage has descended – of which I am now part. The efficacy of the energy doesn’t seem to be dependent upon which lineage one is descended from – mine works just as well as my friends with a traditional lineage.

So, reiki is a hands-on healing energy which is “activated” by the sacred symbols.  Reiki sessions can take many forms.  Often they are performed (fully clothed) on a massage table.  The process I’ve been using goes through a sequence of hand positions on the front of the body and are then repeated on the back of the body.  My sessions last between one to one-and-a-half hours.  Each practitioner develops his/her own style.   Often, intuitive information comes through to the reiki practitioner, and the client has the option to receive this information or not.

After a reiki session, one often feels as relaxed as after a full-body massage.  However, in this case, the energy is causing the relaxation rather than any physical work on the practitioner’s part.  One can feel “spacey”or light headed after a session, and as with muscular massage, one should drink lots of water to help release toxins and cleanse the body.  The reiki energy can help relieve pain, align chakras, restore balance, increase relaxation and improve overall well-being.  It’s a wonderful non-invasive healing energy.

People experience different sensations during a reiki session, the most common being heat coming from the practitioner’s hands.  I often feel different energy sensations like prickling, tingling, heat, an overall flushing feeling.

While I typically perform reiki in person, it is also possible to send reiki energy long-distance, because in the spiritual realms time and distance to not exist.  They are strictly constructs of our 3rd dimensional world.

Each in-person reiki session lasts between 1 to 1-1/2 hours and costs $65.  Long-distance reiki is available by appointment (the recipient needs to grant permission for the session) for $45 per session.

Not currently available.

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