Let things be

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Can you feel it?  Are you too struggling to find your joy and happiness right now?  Do you feel like part of you has hunkered down and is now in hibernation?  Well, if that’s the case, I want you to know that you’re not alone!

My 2015 started out in the best possible way – connecting with amazing people, having phenomenal experiences, stepping into knowing what I want to leave behind in 2014 and what I want to invite into 2015.  But the first few weeks of this new year have felt all over the board.  Physically, I’ve already had two bouts with cold and flu.  Clearing?  Purging?  I think so – on many levels.  And now my body remains tired.  Overly tired despite getting plenty of sleep.

My mind wants to know what’s going on.  I want to ask myself what it is that I’m doing “wrong,” as if this is somehow wrong.  But I know better than that too.  I KNOW that we are all where we need to be, moving through everything we need to experience.  I trust that it’s all good and that whatever this is, it is happening for my highest good.I will let things be

So I’m left with just one thing:  BE GENTLE.  Those words keep coming to me.  Be gentle – when in the past I might berate myself for “still” being in this space after hours, days, now weeks.

I connect with the people who uplift and support me.  I talk to my friends, many who offer their insights into what they perceive is going on with me.  I balance and weigh their perceptions with what I believe to be true myself.  And underneath it all is the admonition to TRUST myself, to trust the process, my process.  What is right for me isn’t necessarily right for anyone else – but beating myself up definitely won’t make it any easier.

Sometimes the words I offer to my clients during readings are as much for me as they are for them.  Today I am reminded of words that I recently shared with a client – to get out of my own way and stop micro-managing things.  I DO trust that everything is working out.  Some days, the best thing is to just let them be.

I know that in a short time, things will have shifted sufficiently that I will feel completely differently.  So for right now, I vow to just let things be.

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Transcendental Peace

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In the midst of the stories, dramas, and chaos of our lives, I think we all crave peace.  If you’re like me, Breathe in Peaceyou’ve experienced episodes of this peace at various times in your life.  Some were short and fleeting, others perhaps longer lasting.  I’d like to share with you a recent experience of peace that was simply divine.

I’m not sure that the impetus for this experience really matters, but to create a context, I was with friends watching a televised dialogue between two present-day spiritual teachers.  We were expecting a wonderful experience, and I was more than pleased by what unfolded for me.

Honestly, I don’t even remember the words that were exchanged as I watched and listened to this dialogue.  I do remember feeling supremely connected to my Source, a powerful feeling of Oneness.  I found myself knowing the answers to the questions being posed even before they were offered.  I felt an acceptance, a belonging that transcended time and space.

As I sat in this space of peace, I realized how easy life truly can be if we but allow it.  I knew with a definite certainty that all of the things happening in my life WILL unfold with grace and ease if I just line up with them.  That’s it.  It IS that simple.  It’s merely a matter of releasing all of the reasons that I’m holding onto that say it can’t be that way.

In those moments, I experienced a peace that transported me beyond the confines of this life, of this self I know as Sue.  I was so much more than all of that.  And I knew in those moments that all I’ve asked for already exists, is already mine.  All I have to do is line up with it all.  All I have to do is ALLOW.

In those moments, this sense of peace transcended my life and I knew.  I KNEW.

Back in the midst of the stories and drama of my life, I’m holding onto that knowing, that transcendental peace.  I believe that what I experienced WAS real – and that all I have to do is line up with all that I’ve asked for.  With grace and ease.


My thanks and appreciation to Jordan Blackstone of www.imaginethatjbphotography.com for permission to use her photograph.

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Ask. Allow. Receive.

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ask allow receiveAsk.  Allow.  Receive.  The trinity of our life process.  How well we utilize this trinity varies as we move forward in life – and we are always moving forward.

Ask.  Life gives us a myriad of opportunity to play with variety, to decide what we like and what we don’t like .  Yet it’s all good, and we need not declare anything wrong or bad or even evil to decide that it’s not for us.  We can simply apply our focus elsewhere.

Allow.  Life is big enough to accommodate all possibilities.  Life is big enough to grant us every one of our heart’s desires without taking anything from anyone else.  Once we’ve decided what we want, our job is done.  It’s up to the Universe to orchestrate the circumstances through which to deliver our desire.  Our “work” is to allow, to trust, to surrender the need to “make it happen.”

Receive.  This last step would seem to be an easy one, wouldn’t it?  If I’ve asked for something, why wouldn’t I want to receive it?  The answer to that is as varied as the individual.  Receiving seems to have been given a bad wrap – labeling those who receive openly as selfish, demanding, controlling or even manipulative.  Receiving is different from taking.  Receiving is a passive act whereas taking is an aggressive one.

Ask.  Allow.  Receive.  As we practice this process deliberately, we open ourselves to ever greater possibilities.  How comfortable are you with this process?

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Wallowing in the Muck

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The Law of Attraction.  Positive Thinking.  Sharing the love and shining the light.  All wonderful, powerful and uplifting thoughts.  But what about those days when you get out of bed crabby and no matter what you do, you just can’t shake that feeling?  My spiritual journey has been one of awakening – opening my eyes to the power I have to create my experience.  I accept, believe and own that mantle of responsibility.  Even still, some things catch me off guard.  Yesterday was one of those days.

I even know what triggered the mood.  My son broke a brand new digital camera.  He didn’t apologize.  He didn’t even completely own that he broke it.  He dropped it and his assessment was that “it’s possible that it’s my fault.”  Ya think?!

My husband became furious, but he completely bottled it up.  Being near him felt a little like sitting on a volcano and wondering when it was going to erupt.  This bottled anger found a release when he started lamenting about our financial situation, a frustrating and overwhelming topic – one with no quick or easy answers.

So I got stuck!  I felt frustrated by my son’s carelessness and my husband’s decision to not make my son replace the broken camera with his own money.  I sunk deeper into the muck as I considered that he didn’t support my desire to allow natural consequences teach my son what could be a valuable lesson.  Not only that, but since I used my credit card points to buy the camera in the first place, I felt like it was my loss by not having the camera replaced.  Heck, I could have spent those points on something I wanted rather than on something for the kids or the family.  The muck just got deeper.

Wallowing in this frustration, unable to shift to a more loving and better feeling place, I brought up more things to feel frustrated about.  I thought of the friend who apparently only needs me when something in her life seems broken.  The muck got deeper.

I tried to step out of it and away from it by shopping.  That didn’t really help.  I took the dogs for a long walk.  The fresh air and exercise let in glimpses of a better feeling place, but they didn’t completely chase the blues away.

Music.  Reaching out to friends.  A good night’s sleep.  More music.  Caring comments from loving friends.  And today the muck is mostly gone.

It’s tough though, I’ll tell you, to reach for that higher feeling place when the muck is sucking at your feet, holding you firmly in place.   Sometimes we just have to acknowledge that “Yes, Indeed, we’re stuck in the muck!”

I think it helps to be kind when we find ourselves stuck like this.  Certainly, berating ourselves for feeling what we are or giving ourselves messages that we “should” be feeling something else only adds power to the hold that the muck already has.  Some days, we just need to allow ourselves to experience whatever it is that we find ourselves feeling.

I’ll be the first to admit that wallowing in the muck with feelings of frustration, inadequacy and angst is not a fun place to be.  However, aren’t these feelings too part of our human experience?  To deny part of our nature tends to negate the rest of it too.  So rather than deny – allow.  Sometimes the quickest way past something is forging straight through it.

Once on the other side – in an hour, a day or a couple days – we can look back to see what gift this experience offers us.  It’s always there – some reason to be grateful that we allowed ourselves time to just be in the muck.  What gift did you find?

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