Suffering is optional

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Life holds so many mysteries and surprises – some exciting and uplifting, some downright devastating.  No one seems to make it through life unscathed.  We all bear scars of one sort or another as if to prove that yes, we have walked through the fires of life.  Why then do some seem to do it with so much greater ease than others?  What secrets do they know that pave their journey with ease and grace while others are continually raked over the coals?

The answer is both simpler and more complex than you might first imagine.  Life happens.  Pain occurs.  Whether it is physical or emotional, painful things happen.  However, our response to the painful stimuli or the pain itself determines whether we suffer or not.  That response is within our control, and it is our response which gives us the power to move through the pain by letting it pass or to stay stuck in it thereby creating our own suffering.

Suffering is optionalAs you might guess, our thoughts have a tremendous impact on our responses.  If we see life as a struggle, we’re going to attract circumstances to prove that perspective.  Contrarily, if we see life as supportive, we will experience evidence to support that view.  Letting go of the need to suffer then becomes yet another benefit to adopting a positive outlook on life.

The following suggestions can help to shift your thoughts toward a more positive perspective and thus reduce the amount of suffering that you experience.

Accept personal responsibility.

When we assume responsibility for our lives, we put ourselves in a position of power.  We hold the power to choose.  We have the authority to exercise free will.  We can set limits and boundaries.  We put ourselves into the driver’s seat of our life.  We empower ourselves.

By accepting this responsibility, we raise our vibration above helplessness which feeling like a victim to life’s seeming randomness engenders.  This shifts our perspective as well.  It gives us the insight that challenges happen, difficult experiences occur.  However, we no longer see these happenings as meant to beat us down but, in fact, to give us opportunities to rise up.  Challenges become the pathway to personal growth and expansion.  We build upon our previous successes and believe in our ability to overcome whatever life throws our way.  We will not stay down when we know our own power.

Be open to learning.

Life is about the journey, the continual unfolding of experience and understanding.  We are here, I believe, to experience ourselves as the divine creators that we are.  As such, we are continually given happenings through which we can deepen our understanding of ourselves and our power to create.  We learn about our resiliency, our tenacity, our precociousness.  We test our limits so that we can move beyond them.

When life is viewed with the intent to learn something from every experience, we no longer need to judge things as either good or bad since every experience teaches something.  We create more latitude and freedom to go beyond our previously conceived limitations.  When we can release the need to already know everything about life and ourselves, we open to learning more than we ever dreamed possible, often through means which we never even considered.

Don’t take it personally.

We so often act as if everything that we witness in life is aimed at us personally.  We take offense at a friend’s apparent thoughtlessness.  We become wounded because someone we want to be with is busy doing other things.  We assume that our partner’s silence or withdrawal is our fault.  We create stories in our minds that explain whatever we’re observing, and for one reason or another, we make ourselves wrong.

Putting ourselves in this place of being at fault for every little thing stems from the unconscious perspective of being a victim to life.  But we are not victims – we are the creators of our experience.  So when we stop telling stories that perpetuate the myth of our victimhood and stop making up reasons why we are at fault for things, we are free to simply observe life.  That friend’s thoughtlessness may have been caused by her preoccupation with her parent’s failing health.  It had nothing to do with our relationship.  The friend we want to be with who is busy doing other things is juggling a full schedule and will happily spend time with us soon.  And our partner’s silent withdrawal may be his way of dealing with added pressures at work.  Most of the things we observe other people doing have absolutely nothing to do with us.  So quit taking responsibility for their actions.

Being detached enough to simply observe life creates an incredible freedom to respond with love rather than using things as excuses to feel bad about ourselves.  Rather than becoming yet another reason to suffer, life becomes inviting and exciting.

Avoid comparisons.

When we operate from the unconscious perspective of being a victim, we often compare our experiences to others.  Without understanding what someone else has done to get to where we now see them standing in life, we simply decide that we are “less than” or “not enough” because we aren’t also standing there.  We inevitably make the comparisons about our worth which can only be damaging.

When we become confident about our undeniable value and worth, we no longer need comparisons to validate our position.  We realize that comparisons are actually irrelevant.

Trust that things are always working out.

Holding onto the belief that things are always working out for us puts us in a place of positive expectation.  We begin to see our experiences as life affirming rather than negating.  We weather difficulties with more ease because we understand that all situations are temporary and that by not resisting them, we allow them to flow past us more quickly.  We trust that every difficulty is actually an opportunity to break through old limits and create a more expansive future.  We look at our life as the mirror it is and rather than deciding that things are indicating we aren’t good enough, we see the areas in our lives where our beliefs are creating barriers to our potential.  Then we use that information to create even greater joy by moving past those barriers.

Life offers us endless support when we are willing to accept it.  Otherwise, we can also experience an endless array of difficulty which must surely indicate that we are unworthy and unlovable.  Ultimately, the choice is ours.  We can allow life to validate our worth, create ever greater opportunities for growth and endless opportunities to share love.  Or we can wallow in the despair of never being enough, never measuring up to whatever self-imposed standard we’ve created internally, and having no chance of beating the overwhelming odds that life stacks against us.  One choice is filled with love, light, joy and possibility.  The other is mired in despair, helplessness and hopelessness.

Isn’t it awesome that we can choose either option?!

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Open to Receiving

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Do you know that you are connected to an endless, streaming, continuous flow of unconditional love?  Do you realize the magnitude and the magnificence of that knowing?

Close your eyes for a minute and recall a moment of pure, utter bliss.  Do you recall the euphoria of that feeling?  The expansiveness of being so much bigger than the physical you in that memory?

Focus on that feeling of bliss, milking it, making it even bigger and brighter.  Savor that feeling for just another moment.

It is in those moments of sheer and utter bliss that we are most closely aligned with our Soul – that beautiful, expansive, loving part of ourselves that is forever connected to God, to Source.  In bliss we stand as one with our Soul, fully embodying the endless and continuous flow of unconditional love from God.  As electricity flows continuously to light a lightbulb, so too does God’s unconditional love flow to and through us to light our lives.

And yet, how often do we unwittingly flip the switch, interrupting our willingness to receive that flow?

Searching for that connection to God, we often erect barriers and obstacles, establishing conditions on our worthiness to receive this endless stream of love from God.  Then we spend our physical lives slowly dismantling those barriers and obstacles.

The truth of the matter, for me at least, is that this wonderful, powerful, healing, all-encompassing stream of loving energy is always available to us.  Always.  Endlessly.  Continuously.

The only question is whether you are open to receiving it?  What would it take for you to allow this endless and continuous love to flow through your life?

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When bad things happen…

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Sometimes in life, we come face to face with situations or circumstances that exceed our present ability to make sense out of them.  Abuse can often fall into this category.  How can such evil exist?  How can one person possibly hurt a child in such a way as to sexually abuse them??  Why do such things happen?!

As a childhood survivor of sexual abuse myself, I can maybe add some thoughts to help make sense of such tragic experiences. It is true that every experience simply IS, as Theos has said. It is we, as humans, who add the value judgment onto each one – this is good (desirable), this is bad (evil, negative). I’m not dismissing the significance of experiencing abuse – not at all, but it IS a great source of opportunity. However, in our ego-based reality, one is not given much outward support to navigate through such experiences, especially at the time of their occurrence. We’re often forced to move through them in silence (adding power to the secret of it all) which only intensifies the loneliness, blame, guilt and rage.

While not condoning such behavior, it must be true that somehow we are in alignment vibrationally or otherwise this  would not exist within our sphere of experience.  I like to think of it that it has given me opportunities to experience intense emotions that I might not otherwise know first-hand. I firmly believe that in Spirit (and consequently in our physical reality) there are no victims. We come having made choices, many “forgotten”, but choices nonetheless. And if abuse has been part of my experience, then that was “set up” at some level (definitely not consciously) to afford certain opportunities.

Someone once explained it to me like this:
Imagine that you are in Spirit, making preparations to come into this incarnation. You’re surrounded by your soul family, your guides – all of your heavenly helpers – everyone who is helping you to make plans for this lifetime. Now say that you’ve decided that you want to experience Forgiveness on a grand scale. On a scale of 1 to 10, you’ve decided to go all the way – and you want to experience a Level 10 Forgiveness. So what would it take to give you that experience? From a human perspective, it would probably have to be something monumental: the death/loss of a child, abuse at the hands of a loved one, murder, mayhem. Something BIG, right?
Now you turn to your soul family who loves you beyond measure, who wants for you everything that you aspire for yourself, and you ask, “Who among you is willing to help me experience a Level 10 Forgiveness?” Slowly, everyone drops their eyes – surely you will not ask THEM to be the one to create this experience for you, knowing that it will more than likely cost them your love in this lifetime. Even though this lifetime is but a blip of time – your family doesn’t want to lose your love for even that short of a window. Who among this group of loving soul family members will be the “bad guy” for you? Finally, one steps forward and says, “I’ll do it. I’ll help you to have this experience because I love you so much, and I want you to have everything that you desire.”

So now this opportunity exists to move through all of the feelings, emotions (energy in motion), and challenges that such an experience creates. While the feelings can be difficult, they ARE navigable. Fortunately, once the silence is broken, there ARE resources to help understand and process the feelings (which can be incredibly intense) that come up as a result of something like this. There are other people (perhaps unfortunately) who have experienced similar things and who can help lead you to the other side – where, honestly, things don’t look as bleak as they do right now.

I share these thoughts in hopes that if you too have experienced something like this, or know someone who has, and are struggling through the emotional tempest created, perhaps you will find solace in reaching for a different perspective.  I will hold you in the loving Light where again you will recognize and know your wholeness – which has not been marred in any way by any experiences you’ve had. Your divinity holds you as creator of all, part of All That Is – and from that place, once again, you will know that ALL IS WELL.

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Your Divine Right

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As a spiritual being, as a reflection of our Divine Source, God, the Universe (use whichever term feels right for you), it is our divine right to create the life of our choosing.

Immediately, I can feel the resistance people are going to have to my statement.

“Do you mean to say that I’ve created my job loss, this economic recession, illness, tragedy and death (fill in the blank with your biggest complaint)?”

Ultimately, YES, you’ve created this life that you’re living.  Have you done so consciously?  Maybe, maybe not.  More than likely, you’re living this life by default, following the path someone else said you should take, following the rules established by someone else, obliging some unknown “they” by becoming what “they” said you should become.  Giving away your power of creation does not make you less responsible for the choices in your life.

At this point in our human history, we’re at an unprecedented precipice.  The masses are opening their eyes to the power we each hold in our souls – the power of God to create, heal and love unconditionally.  We are each on the brink of recognizing and acknowledging the direct connection our soul has to God, to each other, to all in the Universe.  Are you willing to open your eyes to fully claim your divinity?

As humans, we each carry the record and memory of our human existence.  Our soul knows the trials and tribulations we’ve journeyed through on this road to accepting and embracing our divine nature.  We are now able to allow these difficulties to rise to the surface, to acknowledge them, and release them once and for all.  Each time we do this, our vibration becomes higher and our inner light shines brighter.

I’m so excited to be waking up at this time in mankind’s ascension process.  I would be honored to help you uncover those thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that are holding you back from fully experiencing the life you desire.  Together we can examine the emotional blockages that keep you feeling stuck and out of control.  Isn’t it about time you start loving the life you’re living?

If you are interested in finding out how an Akashic Record Reading with me, Sue Krebs, can help provide the clarity, insight and guidance to create from a place of love rather than fear, please contact me at  Readings are available by phone or Skype, cost $150 for 60 – 90 minutes, and are recorded for your convenience.

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