All You Have To Do is BE

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The way to do is to be.  ~ Lao Tzu
 The art of simply being seems to have gotten lost somewhere along our journey.  Society, American culture at least, applauds and exalts busy-ness.  We are taught proverbs such as, “Idle hands are the devil’s playground” from an early age and encouraged to keep busy.  Kids these days run, or
are shuttled, from activity to activity by parenThe way to do is to bets intent on keeping their kids busy and supposedly out of trouble.  But what price do we pay for all of this busy-ness?
Because of all of this noise, chaos and activity, many of us have lost touch with who we really are.  Not only have we become uncomfortable with quiet and stillness, but we no longer know where or how to find our true essence.  We then spend decades in search of ourselves, never realizing that we’ve carried the answer within us all along.
Western culture is now seeing an increase in popularity in meditation, energy work and other spiritual practices.  We are being pulled to slow down and embrace the stillness that allows us to connect with our inner being and our Source Creator.  Slowly, mainstream culture is seeing the benefits of relaxing, resting and reflecting.
We need that quiet time to go within, to embrace the silence of being and to connect to our Source which feeds and nourishes our being-ness, our soul.  It is in this silence that we allow the energy of Life to flow through us unimpeded by the critical thoughts, deadlines and daily expectations that fill our waking hours.  Through this unimpeded flow, we once again remember our true essence and our connection to All That Is.  We are one with everything, part of the universal experience of the divine in human form.  But until we slow down enough to hear that silence, we remain too busy to notice this essential connection.
Certainly there is a balance to be struck between doing and being.  But since society has over-emphasized the doing for so long, many of us need to focus more on practicing being as that is still our weakest link.  We find though that as we spend more time allowing ourselves to simply be, our doing becomes more inspired and fruitful rather than simply busy.  And this gives us more than enough time to experience, relish and regal in the glory of being human right now.
Take time to get quiet.  Allow your mind to still.  Reach for the peace that resides at the center of that stillness.  And allow your awareness to expand to include everything else.  This knowing is simply waiting for you to embrace it.  And all you have to do is BE.
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Transcendental Peace

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In the midst of the stories, dramas, and chaos of our lives, I think we all crave peace.  If you’re like me, Breathe in Peaceyou’ve experienced episodes of this peace at various times in your life.  Some were short and fleeting, others perhaps longer lasting.  I’d like to share with you a recent experience of peace that was simply divine.

I’m not sure that the impetus for this experience really matters, but to create a context, I was with friends watching a televised dialogue between two present-day spiritual teachers.  We were expecting a wonderful experience, and I was more than pleased by what unfolded for me.

Honestly, I don’t even remember the words that were exchanged as I watched and listened to this dialogue.  I do remember feeling supremely connected to my Source, a powerful feeling of Oneness.  I found myself knowing the answers to the questions being posed even before they were offered.  I felt an acceptance, a belonging that transcended time and space.

As I sat in this space of peace, I realized how easy life truly can be if we but allow it.  I knew with a definite certainty that all of the things happening in my life WILL unfold with grace and ease if I just line up with them.  That’s it.  It IS that simple.  It’s merely a matter of releasing all of the reasons that I’m holding onto that say it can’t be that way.

In those moments, I experienced a peace that transported me beyond the confines of this life, of this self I know as Sue.  I was so much more than all of that.  And I knew in those moments that all I’ve asked for already exists, is already mine.  All I have to do is line up with it all.  All I have to do is ALLOW.

In those moments, this sense of peace transcended my life and I knew.  I KNEW.

Back in the midst of the stories and drama of my life, I’m holding onto that knowing, that transcendental peace.  I believe that what I experienced WAS real – and that all I have to do is line up with all that I’ve asked for.  With grace and ease.


My thanks and appreciation to Jordan Blackstone of for permission to use her photograph.

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Walking Between Two Worlds

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Have you ever been somewhere – for the first time even – and felt an overwhelming connection to the place?  Did you feel your heart swell and your Spirit soar simply from being there?  Did you experience an illogical sense of coming home, of being able to navigate streets with only minimal directions, of being comfortable even though you’ve never been there before?  I have – and that place is Salt Lake City, Utah.

To me, Salt Lake City is a place that fills me up and makes my heart sing.  It is a place filled with magic, discovery and awe.  It is a place that speaks to my Soul, and I love what it’s saying!

My love affair with SLC began a few years ago.  I first visited the city to exhibit at a huge scrapbooking expo.  Immediately, I was struck by the majestic vistas that surround the city.  Everywhere I looked, I saw the magnificent mountains flanking the valley in which SLC quietly sits.  The city itself is laid out on a grid of streets centered on the Temple of the Mormon Church – a beautiful piece of architecture replete with spires and towers reaching towards the heavens with an almost fairy-tale castle appearance.

In the years since my first visit to SLC, I’ve been blessed by the friendship of a very dear woman.  We share a bond and a friendship that transcends the boundaries of time, for certainly we’ve known each other before.  We’re here now together to support the discovery and exploration of an even greater aspect of ourselves.  We’re sharing this pivotal experience of awakening to our true natures, to our intimate connection to Source, to God.

It was in SLC that I experienced my first psychic reading with a man who has played another pivotal role in my relationship to SLC.  Ross is a gifted psychic, tarot card reader and life coach, and it is always a joy for me to see him, as we’ve done each time I return to this beloved place.  From the beginning, Ross supported my interest in my psychic inclinations, confirming my suspicions that I am “one of us,” as he put it.

My last two visits to SLC involved an 18+ hour drive each way.  Instead of being drained and tired by the endless hours behind the wheel, my spirit soared higher and higher the closer I got to SLC.  The terrain gradually became more mountainous the further west I drove.  It looked barren, but only to the casual observer.  On closer inspection, I began to see the wildlife that abounds in the open expanses of Wyoming.  Coyote, pronghorn antelope, even elk, roam freely over the open range.  Each glimpse of wildlife left me feeling like I’d been given a gift – a chance to share in the secrets held dear to Mother Earth.  And my spirit began to expand, just as the vista opened farther and farther until I felt like I was driving across the top of the world.  The magic had begun.

My latest visit to SLC held even more surprises and magic than I’d come to expect from each trip.  As always, my energy was high, my mood joyous.  Arriving at my friend’s house, I announced only half-jokingly, “Honey, I’m home!”  Though we’d not talked much over the past year, our friendship picked up right where we’d left it – the time-lapse was inconsequential.  She opens her home unconditionally to me, including me in her family as if I’ve always been a part of it – as indeed it feels I have.  She is but one part of my strong connection to this wondrous place.

The most amazing part of this trip will always feel magical to me.  Something inside me was ignited – a flame, a passion that has long lain dormant.  This passion burst forth and completely rocked my world.  If I thought I knew a passion for life before, it was pale in comparison to this newfound one!  I’m awed, humbled and amazed by the depth of this feeling.  And while it’s new, it is also familiar – like a part of me that has been locked away for years.

This experience colored all of the rest of my trip with even brighter lights and bolder colors – for surely now anything was truly possible!  What a gift!  And how fitting that it was SLC that offered it to me.

Added to the magic I’d already experienced on this trip were even more surprises as I listened to and participated in an audio training course during my drive home.  The audio course was on accessing the Akashic Records – vibrational records of each soul and its journey through all of time.  Even though part of my attention was occupied by driving, the rest of me was free to cross the boundaries of time and space to experience parts of myself from times long past.  I found answers to questions about horrible events in this lifetime and gained an understanding about integrating these lessons.  I found peace and forgiveness.

Eventually, I returned home, to this place I live and the family I love.  But nothing can ever be the same because my life has been touched, because I returned home a different person.  How does one touch the heavens and then again walk the earth?

So now I endeavor to integrate the magic I experienced in SLC into my everyday life – and I feel as if I’m walking between two worlds.  I still feel the power of this magical experience, this amazing trip to SLC.  I have only to close my eyes to once again relive the power of it all.  Part of me wants to stay there in the magic.  But then I open my eyes and I want to bring that magic into my everyday world.  Somehow I’ll find a way to do just that!

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Releasing the Fear

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I woke this morning with a heavy sense of dread.  Fear.  I could feel its uncomfortable weight pinning me down.  What was it, and where had it come from?

As I lay there in bed, trying to determine where this fear had come from, my thoughts flew to the large debt that my business owes the bank.  How was I going to make the payments?  What could I do to bring in cash?  Would I be able to bring in enough money to cover the payments?  What if I couldn’t?  You get the idea – the questions flew at me faster and faster, and my fear grew!

Eventually, I crawled out of bed, grabbed a couple of my favorite crystals, and sat down to meditate – hoping to let go of this fear.  Focusing on my breathing brought some relief, but my stomach was still knotted and my mind still raced with unanswerable questions.  I still hadn’t let go of this unwanted fear.

In my office, I picked up a new deck of Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.  I prayed to find some relief from this fear.  How could I release this financial panic that had me in its clutches this morning?

While playing with the cards, twice I pulled the “Vacuum Away Fear” card.  I KNOW that was no coincidence.  My angels were still with me, showing me in a very practical way how to release my fears.

The oracle cards guidebook explained a process whereby you ask Archangels Michael and Raphael to use a spiritual vacuum hose inserted into your crown chakra to suck out all toxic, fear-based or entity energy.  You allow this to continue until the body feels clear and calm.  You then ask the archangels to fill your body with their diamond-bright white light to heal and protect, and finally thank them for this healing.


The weight is gone.  Those fear-based thoughts are no longer racing through my mind.  Thank you, Universe, for showing me how to let them go!

Are they gone forever?  Probably not.  But the important lesson for me is to remember that fear is NOT my natural state.  I CAN release fear to once again reach a place of calmness.  My financial obligations are still there, but now I am open to receiving guidance about how to achieve my goals.  My fears cut me off from that.

Once again, I’m back on course, curious to see what else the day will bring.

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