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I have a confession to make.  I have become a “Flow Junkie.”  I’m sure it is not as ominous as that might sound, and I surely hope that it’s contagious – because it’s pretty incredible and I’d love for everyone to experience this too.

The other day I had the pleasure of connecting with a friend over a three-hour lunch.  We hadn’t connected in a while, so we both had a lot of interesting life experiences to share.  She said that another friend of hers had “accused” her of being a “flow junkie.”  The phrase stuck with me, and I’ve concluded that I too have become a Flow Junkie.  I think that’s pretty incredible.

Life has continued to propel me along my path.  Sometimes I bounce over the rocks, and sometimes I float along with great ease, but the ground I’ve covered is undeniable.

2012 Jun Andy and Friends Slip N Slide 066In the past year, I’ve directed most of my creative juices in to my Facebook page Soul Speaking.  I’ve experienced great success with it too.  My page has flourished and has over 116,000 followers from around the world.  I now regularly connect with people at a soul-level through Akashic Record Readings.  I’ve become a published author by contributing a chapter to a book about the people behind those FB pages.  While that experience included many unforeseen side-trips, I’m eternally grateful for the blessing that it continues to bestow in my life.

In the past year, I’ve become so much more firmly rooted and grounded in my center, in my connection to MY Source.  I see Life as an amazing unfolding of joyous opportunities to create, expand and experience.  The possibilities are truly endless, and I’ve certainly become “addicted” to feeling this joyous connection.  I crave the high-flying feelings of delight and euphoria as new experiences and opportunities crest over my horizons.  I love knowing with every cell of my being that life is always working out for me, and I love basking in the trust that everything happens for my highest good.

I revel in the relationships made available to me because of this unerring focus on feeling good.  I delight in watching amazing circumstances align themselves for me and for the people in my life.  “Magic” happens regularly.  Miracles have become commonplace!

Oh yes!  I most certainly have become a FLOW Junkie. And I cannot recommend it highly enough.  I really suggest that you try it for yourself.  But I’ll warn you – it doesn’t take much to get you hooked!

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So many of the things we’re pursuing on our spiritual journey are all about subtleties – shifts in perception or feeling, nuances, energies.  These are things that are invisible to most of us.  While we all know, at some level, that we’re not alone and are being guided, how many of you ask for “proof” of this?  I do – a lot.  And I get SO excited when I find evidence.

Last Friday night, I was to meet up with a friend and his girlfriend to take in the awesome light displays around the Mormon Temple in downtown Salt Lake City.  I was warned that parking would be a nightmare – no problem, I thought, I’ll just have my angels line up a space for me.  Sure enough, I drove downtown, found an out-of-the-way street near the Temple Square – and after driving around the block only once, found a parking place just a few car lengths from the Square itself.  (Yeah!  Thanks, Angels!)  My friend and his girlfriend hadn’t planned ahead quite as well.  After driving around for a half hour, I told my friend that he was supposed to ask his angels to arrange for a parking place.  He just laughed at me.  “Fine,” I said, “I’ll do it for you.  Call me when you’ve gotten here.”  So I went into a bathroom, fervently praying all the while that my angels would show them a place to park.  As soon as I walked out of the stall, I found 3 pennies – signs from my angels – so I knew they’d found something.  A few minutes later, they called letting me know where to meet them – since they’d found somewhere to park.  (I KNEW it!)

I just love when things like that happen!  It’s hard to argue with that kind of immediate response.  While my friend might just laugh it off as a coincidence, I certainly know better.  There are NO coincidences.

I had another delicious thing happen this morning.  I was chatting with a girlfriend on the phone, and she was telling me that she couldn’t remember where she’d stashed some jerseys she’d bought her kids in October as Christmas presents.  She’d torn apartt her office, but couldn’t find them!  She wasn’t looking forward to tearing apart the rest of the house in search of these hidden gifts.  So I told her I’d pull out my pendulum and see if we could figure out where she’d put them.  After a few questions, my pendulum (which has been programmed to only get information from my higher self) indicated that the jerseys were somewhere in her bedroom.  I kept asking questions trying to narrow down where they were.  Soon we were “told” they were in her closet.

Now, while I’ve been to her house numerous times, I’ve never been in her bedroom closet, so I’m not familiar with its layout.  I asked her to describe what was in there – shelves, hanging rods, a few drawers, etc.  I asked my pendulum if the jerseys were on the left.  “YES”  Were they on the floor?  “YES”  Were they in one of the drawers?  “YES”  So while I’m asking questions, she’s looking through the closet – and opened the drawers.

All of a sudden, she’s screaming, “Oh my god!  Oh my god!  I can’t believe it.”  I’m thinking, “What just happened?”  She said, “Why’d I put them in the drawer?  I never put anything in there.”  She’d found the missing jerseys in the drawer – which she obviously wouldn’t have looked in for quite some time since she didn’t think she’d put stuff there.  She was AWED – and I was tickled!  So happy to help!  So happy I’m willing to LISTEN to spirit.

It was such a FUN experience!  I just loved it!  And it was fun too that my “credibility” was raised even higher in her eyes – and my own.  I KNOW that I’m connected.

Don’t you?!

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