Last October, 2010, I was feeling very unsettled.  I couldn’t concentrate on anything, and nothing I did was enjoyable.  I was in a funk, and didn’t know what to do about it.  Sue had told me about Akashic Record Readings, but I admit, I didn’t really understand what they were, and didn’t think it would be something I could do.  After a month of floundering and not finding peace, I decided to try an Akashic Reading.

It was amazing!!!  That’s the only way to describe it!  I believed I knew the problematic areas of my life, but I was nowhere near the actual issues that were plaguing me.  Sue was able to read me and guide me very gently to areas I had not explored before.  Out of the blue (literally) the answer popped in front of me.  It was so clear!!!  There are so many people you meet in your lifetime, and you can either love them or leave them, which I believed I had been doing.  If they are bad for you, leave them.  If they are good for you, love them all you can with your whole heart.  I never thought about, nor imagined, that I could “leave” family members.  Not in the literal sense, of course.  I was able to identify and resolve issues I was previously unaware of, but were forever lurking, and I did not have to confront anyone in order to do this.  Forgiveness is a powerful tool, one which can free you and let you move on.

After my Akashic Reading, I felt a sense of peace and freedom.  My world was centered once again.  I felt the weight evaporate from my shoulders and I was aware of my surroundings in a way I hadn’t been in a long time.  Every time I think of my Akashic Reading experience, I still have feelings of wonderment.  I felt afraid of something I knew nothing about.  I encourage everyone to experience Akashic Readings.  It’s definitely a life-enrichment experience!

Lisa Velishek

I found my Akashic Record reading with Sue to be so very interested and informative. Parts of my reading covered a very personal and painful event in my past – I’d already made a note to myself that I wanted to ask questions around this so it was wonderful that this was immediately picked up as Sue began the reading.  Sue was so very compassionate, understanding and completely non-judgmental as she offered wise guidance to me through the Record Keepers.  Thank you Sue, you’ve given me both practical encouragement and spiritual guidance about this and the other things that we chatted about during my reading. I’ll definitely be back for another reading some time!    – Wendy

The information which Sue relayed through her focus and clarity both solidified and validated my life’s path.  The playback feature to the reading is priceless for further reflection.  If you are looking to understand your life situation Sue will unravel those threads and break it down into bite size pieces..       – Donna

I recently had the pleasure of having a reading done with sue.  It was all I had hoped for and more.  She was able to relay the messages that I desperately needed to hear.  She was relatable and fun to speak with.  – Vicki

I’ve heard about Akashic Records twice recently, and even though I am deep and am always looking for ways to improve my life, I thought to myself, “No, I am not going that deep!”  Then the term showed up once again! I’ve learnt long ago that the Universe is always trying to reach and help us by giving us signs, and that it is up to us to follow them.

It all was happening in the midst of my emotional wreck; I ran across Sue and decided that I wanted to have a session and experience the reading. I thought that it was the perfect timing.

Sue was committed being present with me while I was pouring my heart on the call. Her warmth and presence felt incredibly soothing. She then suggested opening the records. I thought that I was going to spend the whole call crying and that I wasn’t a good client at all, but she lovingly and skilfully guided me. I was able to tune within and notice my feelings. I felt incredibly supported, grounded and safe. I was able to slow down, feel the breath and connect with who I knew my self really to be. It felt like a big unconditional love hug.

Sue helped me see the big picture and untangle from the specifics that were holding me down… I remembered that I was exactly where I needed to be in the moment and realized how to move in the direction where I still want to go.

Thank you Sue for your loving energy and the clarity I feel now!

Big Unconditional Love Hug,

Ruzica Kozul
LOA Life Coach

I highly recommend for anyone to contact Sue Krebs to experience your Akashic Reading. Sue is kind, warm and genuine and creates a safe space to experience a deeply sacred and natural place of healing. I received peace and comfort from my reading as well as a deep sense of support and direction. Over the few days since my reading I have a very distinct and clear feeling of ‘companionship’ from spirit which is very calming. And I feel that the experience of having the energetic connection to your very own records and the Divine Guardians who are assisting, affects silently on a very deep level which is beyond words or description. I feel way more is happening in a spiritual/ sacred sense than is consciously obvious. Thank you Sue for the precious divine work you are doing for us all.   – Andrea


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